To Do


/ grow my hair back

/ go on a beach holiday with Boyfriend this summer

/ explore our city more

/ unplug with Boyfriend for a weekend at home

/ try a new recipe every month for a year

/ get a caricature drawing done of us both

/ carve our initials into a tree by the river


/ meet my future husband/partner in crime 

/ create children

/ have a designed-for-us-by-us house, in the countryside,

/ not send my children to school (they can go by choice)

/ sky dive or bungee jump or hang glide- something crazy

/ be a foster family

go ‘cloud surfing’- take a small aircraft and fly above the clouds 

/ have a photo shoot

/ take a dance lesson

/ go cycling together

/ try a shooting range

/ go to a carvery


/ begin to get a degree, in child nursing

/ work with Roots of Empathy

/ be part of a community

/ be featured on Design Mom’s Living With Kids series

/ drive in a classic Mercades

/ take a trapeze class

/ film myself while I’m sleeping

/ have a conversation with someone ‘of no fixed address’, just on the street

/ write my living will

/ take a long exposure photograph

/ get a bikini wax

/ acquire a sewing machine, and learn how to use it

/ make a time lapse video

/ be able to touch my toes

/ host a dinner party

/ sell something I’ve made

/ get professional pedicure

/ make ice cream from scratch

/ play Bingo in a bingo hall

/ master a few songs on the piano

/ go a week without buying anything

/ attend a living library event

/ record all the books I read in a year

/ attend a TED event

/ zorb on water


/ visit Croatia, Edinburgh, Thailand, San Francisco, Norway and Canada

/ go back to Mexico for a beach holiday

/ go to Catalina (9 of them apparently)

/ tan totally naked

/ jump off a cliff


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