The Sun


I love the sun. Let me count the ways.

Here on this train, from across the fields and through the trees. I lean my head back and close my eyes. And thank my lucky stars for the star.

Through the balcony doors in our old flat, sitting in the bright square cast onto the carpet.

In the morning after I’ve scrambled out of (our newly much lower) bed to unveil the bottom right square of the window, pronounced what kind of day it is and then jumped back into bed. We have 4 blackout blinds, one for each window pane. I made them up myself, using eyelets and nails to hang them off. I suppose we don’t like the sun so much before we’re ready to be awake.

About 8 minutes into my usual running route when I turn the corner onto a road that runs alongside a small field. I briefly run with my eyes closed, as my feet know the path.

When in London and I’m underground travelling on the tube for a while and in the intervening time the weather has miraculously improved and as I pop up I’m hit by it’s warmth.



Show and Tell

This is two children climbing onto the roof of my car... I know

This is two children climbing onto the roof of my car… I know

Things With Us

We had a house warming party with lots of boyfriend’s friends round. Lots of beer. Fun times. Lucky we have a bottle bank downstairs, eh? Note; I do not condone drinking excessive alcohol. In fact, I don’t drink beer and we didn’t have anything else so I had apple juice! 

I went on a rescue mission to bring a jerry can of petrol to boyfriend’s dad- whose fuel gage wasn’t working properly so he ran out of petrol. I went to the Disaster Petrol Station– and got petrol splashed/sprayed all over my face and hands. Naaaiice.

I made Anzac cookies. Delicious!

This sun is just amazing. Makes me fall in love with our flat just that little bit more; nice double doors to open up for a breeze, swaying trees, sunny grass.

Things have been.. well, not hard- I’m very lucky, but not easy at work lately.

Boyfriend got through to the first round for a new job- a concentration test, which we completed, erm I mean he completed by himself with no help. I like his current job but this one is a bit better paid, and possibly more exciting. We find out the result any time from tomorrow.

I’ve been really enjoying the White Queen drama series. I have been watching but not so much enjoying Luther.

Boyfriend wants to buy a new car, a mini specifically. He’s owned two already and I thought he’d grown out of it, but apparently not! I am tempted by the low insurance costs, the low road tax and the easy to fix nature. Not so practical for the weekly shop though huh! Plus, what the hell would I do without reversing parking sensors…

My parents came up to stay near us for the weekend. It was really great to explore Leeds a little more on foot- we found lots of places we’d like to return to! For the puddings, mainly.. Roundhay park was really lovely, as was Mansion House cafe- next time I want to get pancakes then a dessert, hehe.

They met Boyfriend’s parents for the first time, which we think went well. They definitely got to know him a bit better as well- which is good!

We’re behind on the alphabet project by 2 letters. It’s bad, very bad.

Some Links

A dog doing some amazing tricks – a video

Four Monkeys -a children’s clothes shop with a slight difference, pick which of the 4 monkey styles you’d like to look at, then which age group. Simple but nice.

Kissing it Better – read, and submit practical ideas on how to improve someone’s stay in hospital/carehome- some really great ones on there!

H+M Homeware – I didn’t know they did homeware but there some good stuff!

Have a great week. This is probably my last week with the kids! (Though they haven’t confirmed I’m not doing 3 days the following week..)

Show and Tell

sunbathing while reading



  • We’ve given notice on our flat, and we’re moving at the end of June. 25 days. So much to do! Things to clean, declutter, pack up, chuck out, and buy. Exciting.
  • My sister had her 3rd baby girl on Tuesday (3 days after her due date- such patience- she’s an amazing woman). I was there, right the way through. It’s not my story to tell but she is so strong, and it was magical. Little Juno is so sweet, and funny looking like all newborns are. I can’t wait to see her for 2 weeks this August when I go to France. I cut the cord, and I was honoured to be there, and to a be a tiny bit helpful with tidying up and fetching etc.
  • I’ve lost my voice! So careless of me..
  • I made a loaf of bread today! It was delicious but I think I need to let it rise a bit longer, it was quite compact.
  • I’ve been thinking about food storage and preparation. I want to freeze more things, have meals cut up and ready to go but frozen. I want to use the microwave more effectively- I’ve discovered that I love steaming vegetables in there, using a handy tool we got for Christmas. Mmmm asparagus. This food topic leads me right in to my links for the fortnight. 

Suma; a wholesale company but ethically minded. Lots of lactofree, healthy, fairtrade, unusual, and tasty. Canned, bagged, or frozen. From loo roll to ice cream to fruit juice. I’ve applied for a catalogue and I think I’ll be placing an order once we’re in our new place! Trouble is, it’s £100 minimum spend if you collect from their warehouse, which we’ll be doing- but more if you want a delivery!  But I made a list of all the things we could get from there- and it’s definitely enough. Cuts down on quite a lot of things on the weekly shop.

Identical twin photo close ups; so mesmerising, to flick your eyes from one to the other. Just the kind of thing you’re not allowed to do to twins in person..

Writing in the sand. Apart from this time, it’s visible from space.  AbuDhabi crazy.

Actually, let me be generous and give you the whole link. Cos that’s not even the best one..

Have a nice day!