National Blog Publishing Month? Wait a sec, I’ll check. Oh, Posting Month. That makes sense.
So I’m going to give this a go. Show up, day after day. Let’s see.

1. It’s late. When I clicked new post it was 12.34 o’clock, a favourite of mine. You can tell I’m not at home as I’m rarely up at this time there. I’m staying at my parents house.

2. Today I went to dinner with some school friends. It was lovely. I walked a friend back to hers and was invited in for jasmine tea.

3. I’ve given up cereal for a little while. Last week, while I was busy, I ate lots of bowls of it. It’s only Cheerios (and fruit & fibre) but it was the craving part I came to hate. I was thinking of it between meals, after meals, during meals. And we’ve always had Cheerios around, and I never really had them much before. So I said stop. It’s worked already; now it’s not an option, I have only thought of them once.

4. I have an appointment tomorrow with a hair loss specialist. They’ll take a full history, look at previous blood test results and perhaps take a biopsy from my scalp (!). I’m a little nervous- mainly at the thought of not finding any answers. Of being that person, on the endless quest for a diagnosis. Trying this and testing for that. We’ll see- it could be something simple.

5. I had been craving char sui bao for a while (and dim sum in general) so I found a place recommended online (it specifically said popular with local Chinese community – a good sign) and put it on my calendar for today, since it’s near the train station. When I got there I looked at the price on the menu outside, counted my coins then went in and ordered it, and a tap water. When I’d finished, I left my £3, with 40p tip and left. It was a little strange but perfect. They had given me more than a delicious meal- they had hit the spot, and been completely non-judgemental (I didn’t have any more money, and there was a £12 minimum card payment!). It’s called Ho’s, on Vicar Lane, Leeds. I’ll be back, with Boyfriend, and next time we’ll order a full meal and a half.
Oh! Whilst there I saw a boy meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time. He was wearing a tie, looked completely baffled and was being studiously ignored by the father and peered at by the mother. Poor thing.

Till tomorrow (or really, later today).


Show and Tell

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Things With Us 

/ Just got back from London, where we stayed overnight at my parents house as he had to pick up a parcel from heathrow at midday today. He is now continuing his journey to Aberdeen, after we stopped for fajitas at his parents and he dropped me home. That’s a lot of driving. It was nice to see my parents and my brother.

/I started University, and am starting my 3rd week tomorrow! It’s been pretty good actually, on the whole. It’s amazing how insecure it made me though, for a while. And the emotions! I wanted this to be emotion free, but of course that hasn’t been possible. It’s made me remember how thankful I am to really come Home at the end of a day though- to Boyfriend, who knows me so perfectly well, is always kind and always makes me laugh. But I am having a good time.

/ He has plans to become a flying instructor, as he found out he could do so quite easily. That’d be exciting!

/Found out my first placement is in mid-November for 3 weeks, and I’m in a neonatal unit!

/Got back into podcasts- Radiolab and The Longest Shortest Time. I learnt about neonatal baby parents experiences, and cherokee indian laws in America.

/ One of the plates on our oven is blowing the circuit of our house. Hence stopping at his parents for dinner tonight, and the huge takeaway pizza we ordered from ‘Dario’s’ on Friday. Last night he had a kebab (his favourite) once we got to London.

/ I’m suprisingly tired already- and it’s not even 9- imagine how Boyfriend feels!

/ I bought new shoes- converse mono white’s. I like.

/  We had our 2 year anniversary.

/ I’ve set up his old monitor and it’s actually working (once I bought a wifi stick for it)- it’s kind of nice to have a proper set up!

/ I got my nursing uniform- 5 whole sets of it! Need to hem the trousers (hemming web anyone?) It’s not bad, and it’s pretty comfy. Who knows what I’m going to get up to wearing them. Hugging some babies in not long!

Some Links

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(Credit to design mom for some of those- I’ve been busy!)

England’s green and pleasant land

on the river wharfe

out on a walk before work

Since we will be moving this summer I wanted to collect some things I’ve noticed. I’ve only lived in two places for any amount of time; central west London and this little Yorkshire village. I go back to London probably once every two months, and each time I notice something.

  • In London, people park really close together. I always make sure to park at the end of a bay or next to a a driveway so I don’t get trapped in. Not so easy in London. 
  • There isn’t much scaffolding here. On my road in London there was at least 2 properties being developed or changed, at all times. With all the noise that comes with.
  • Their speed bumps are closer together too. Here, you can just go between them. In fact, in one village near us they have the white paint markings of speed bumps but they’re not raised. So that works once, for people who are new to the village. Or for people who have a bad memory.
  • The air always smells great to me. I love taking the bins out after I’ve made dinner because the sky is the most amazing blue, the air is fresh (apart from the rubbish I’m holding) and there are stars.
  • Here you don’t see many people who are obviously from a different country, and you practically never hear different languages spoken in the street. I always loved that.
  • It’s rare to see beautifully sharply dressed people here. But it means I’m in with a chance of being the best dressed every now and again!
  • You can’t get sushi here. I have an avocado maki craving.

I’ll be sad to leave. I love that my drive to work is beautiful, through fields and rolling countryside. You see birds and cows and sheep and horses. It’s green. The sunlight, when it comes, is uninterrupted by buildings. I never knew how much I loved this stuff until it’s about to be taken away from me, as we’re moving back into a big city. Fingers crossed we get time to get back out to the countryside. And double fingers crossed our dreams of emigration come true. But then I’ll miss London and Yorkshire, no doubt.

notting hill

on my walk to school in London


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G was for Gambling. Went with £40, left with £44, so we did pretty well. But, I had £10 and I left with £15, so I did even better. I turned out to be pretty lucky at blackjack where we played mostly on our own table, but roulette freaked me out- the amount of money going down the hole each time! We saw someone leave with over £600 in cash when we were queuing up to collect our £44… Let’s hope he got a taxi home.It was strange the number of people who appeared to be there alone, and so serious. I guess it’s a productive way to spend an evening but just seemed pretty lonely. It made me realise I do definitely prefer the company of children to adults sometimes, or at least, those kind of adults. Because they giggle, and question, and express their emotions, and they’re learning about the world every day; not pretending they know everything already!

The first dealer we had was really nice, very friendly and helpful. The others not so much. I kept forgetting you can’t pass anything directly to the dealer, you have to put it on the table then they take it. Such a weird world. It felt like a spell had broken when we stepped outside to go to the car because you’re so immersed in it, then you realise all it was. I wanted to leave once I’d made £27 from my £10 but we hadn’t been there that long. I was given a £25 chip that I just wanted to keep in my pocket till the end but I was forced by somebody to split it back into £1 chips- grrr. It was quite erm.. stressful atmosphere in there, all that money. I don’t think it fostered good energy between Boyfriend and I. But I had a good time, I just wanted to see what it was like! And I had an hour long journey home to get over my loss :D

D and E

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D was indeed for Drive, in the end. But more specifically- driving 400 miles in total for a kebab in London. And that kebab sure was delicious! We stayed with my parents, saw my siblings. Good times.

E for Exercise. I wanted it to be swimming but that never happened. So we did yoga in the living room. Just searched ‘top 10 yoga poses’ on youtube . No injuries, and no expelling of gases. But a bit of carpet burn and a lot of laughs. Top favourite was the ‘happy baby pose’  or ‘ananda balasana’. Just give that one a google.