I Do, I Don’t

While I was on holiday with my family, we had a lot of discussions about food, cooking, living and ethical consumption. My eldest sister is very keen on buying food from ethical shops, eating healthily, growing vegetables, and making all meals from scratch including bread. My middle sister is also interested in finding small shops, special ingredients and cooking it all from scratch- new and exciting recipes, many involving mainly vegetables.

I think these things are a bit of a spectrum. On a scale, 1 being couldn’t care less and eats mainly McDonald’s and 10 being a vegan raw food enthusiast, I’d say I personally fall at about a 5 and Boyfriend at about a 3. My eldest sister is probably a 8, and the other at a 7.

Some of these distinctions are so random, and who knows where they come from.

– I do eat own brand honey loops cereal sometimes but I wouldn’t eat Fruit Loops or Krave.

– I make my own smoothies using fruits from the fridge but I don’t add avocado or kale.

– I do like baking but not with twigs- no lavender, no rosemary. In fact, no vegetables in my baking either.

– I do buy pre-cut french fries but I wouldn’t eat curly fries.

– I am lactose intolerant but I refuse to drink any kind of milk that is not from a cow (mine just comes with added enzyme). No soya, no goat, no yak. No oat, no hazelnut. Almond milk is ok in small doses.

– I eat brown bread not white, but I don’t bake it myself each morning.

– I’ve never eaten a burger from a fast food chain, but I have had chicken nuggets- and they’re ok.

– I’d rather have a bowl of sushi rice, avocado with vinegar & soya, than a plate of steak and chips.

– But I’d rather have a frozen pizza than a meal only made of lentils. (Lentils in moderation, I say)

But mainly I put price over ethics. I’d rather buy the cheapest if it tastes fresh and good- than pay more for an organic label. It’s Asda no but Aldi yes-and they were just named Grocer of the Year 2013.

Where do you stand?