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Again, it’s been a while. Exactly a month today.

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/ He booked a viewing at a flat in our old village, in fact in the same courtyard. We went, both hoping to dislike it because of the inconvenience, but we absolutely loved it. Exposed beams, stone work, huge windows, lots of room, lovely bathroom. And of course, back in our old village that we’ve been missing.

/ We went ahead with it, and signed for it last weekend. We’ll be moving starting on the 14th!

/ This meant we had to buy a car, which we did- a little Fiat 500 in jet black. He is so cute, we’ve nicknamed him Dino (as his license plate looks a little like that).

/ Boyfriend’s been giving me driving lessons- not so bad actually! Obviously I’m useless still (over a year and a half since I last drove manual- the day of my test) but I didn’t get upset about it. It’s interesting to compare to the last time I took lessons off him- August 2012. I cried and hated every moment! But this time, I guess we know each other even better.. Also- the pressure is off, because I don’t have a job that relies on it, just my drive to Uni.

/ The insurance cost was amazing- so so happy about that!

/ We went down to London to celebrate 3 out of 4 sibling’s birthdays (including mine). It was good! A lovely late brunch, followed by some sister time.

/ So yes, I turn 21 on Sunday! Last birthday I was a brat and complained that the day wasn’t special enough, probably because I didn’t put the effort in and organise much. I wanted champagne and cake but I didn’t buy any or bake one.. Anyway, I think I might have overdone it as on Friday a chauffeur is picking us up from home, and I don’t know where we’re going!! So excited though.

/ We spent bonfire night at a huge free event with booming music, a massive stack of pallets to burn and a big fireworks display. I had a million layers on (and was declared ‘kind of puffy looking’) but he didn’t have enough and so had freezing cold toes. It was nice though!

/ Nothing happened on Halloween- maybe next year! Not that bothered about it though, no kids to get excited about it!

/ I had a TB injection- permanently scarred for the good of the herd, so to speak, as Boyfriend hasn’t had one. Luckily, no sign of a horrible scar yet!

/ We called the police on the woman upstairs, because the boy had been screaming and running for about half an hour and we were just so worried- we don’t want to read about it in the newspaper you know? Anyway, she fobbed them off and said that it was because she refused to help him on the computer..

/ Boyfriend sent off his application to British Airways (lots of drama) and got an interview the next day, for the following week! Woop! Interview went really well, as did the simulated flying but he’s very worried that he completely messed up the physics section. Anyway, they told us it’d be a week till we heard but then other people have been told not until January! To be fair, that fits with the timeline we originally thought of- and works quite well as it doesn’t put pressure to start revising for the next round.

/ He’s been doing quite a bit of flying with a friend- and absolutely loving it!

/ I spent 3 weeks on placement for my university course. I’m going to write up a separate post about it, but by the end I quite enjoyed myself. Back to normal Uni now, as of Monday.

/ Our boiler is broken, as is the sink. But we’re dealing with it- but I really pity the people who move in here after us. The place is falling apart it feels like!

/ Met up with a girl from Uni a few times whilst I was on placement, just us- it’s been really nice. Not awkward at all, just like.. real friends hah

/ Downloaded a new app based on the ‘don’t break the chain’ mentality called Good Habits. It’s working really well for me, helping me make sure I eat at least one piece of fruit or veg a day. Starting small..

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An awesome new kind of cycle helmet 

Newborn twins in the bath

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pancreas book
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/ We went to see his extended family on his mums side this weekend- I hadn’t met them before. There was a couple of ‘oh I’ll probably see you next year at the wedding’ wink, ha! They were all really nice though had a great time!
/ Excited to start trampolining at a sports centre I’ve discovered/ and he’s gonna go swimming! Starts next Saturday.
/ Been reading a lot of feminist focused stuff- APW, and how to be a woman- makes you a bit.. Angry at no one understanding! But must not take this out of boyfriend who is doing his best lol. It’s more frustrating at having to bite my lip when my new friends say things..
/ Only one week until placement- eek! Tiny babies. I think I’ll be alright- it’ll be great to get started.
/ He’s going to apply for BA training next Monday- would be very exciting! Unfortunately it’s 20 weeks in Oxford and 20 in (drum roll) Arizona!! But we’ll work it out. Actually, we’ll see if he gets it first- we’re assuming he won’t so it’s either great news or neutral.
/ My brother came to stay for a bit- it was great. Tried a new street food court place which was lovely, and watched Breaking Bad together while eating copious amounts of chicken. The next day he flew off to Morocco  I was so jealous!
/ I’m student rep for my year (of 38 students)- and went to the first meeting.
/ We’ve been thinking of moving out once our contract is up on 28th of December (partly because of this). But we looked a few flats already and found a beautiful one on our old road in our old cute village! Top floor, exposed stone, huge windows, 2 bed rooms. But yes- it’s too far away. And we’d have to buy a car again. Plus my mum just booked my flights home from family trip in France- don’t get back till 29th oops. Not sure what we’ll do.
/ I’m writing this up on the bus in to Uni- didn’t have a chance yesterday. It’s a long day today- Mondays always are.
/ I went for the first time to a all you can eat multi-cuisine buffet. It was awesome! Delicious. BBQ, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Sushi, and puddings.
/ Had my first look at the real paperwork and charts we have to do as nurses- so exciting.
/ We didn’t do anything for Halloween but we’re going to a huge park show tomorrow for bonfire night :)
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/ I feel as if I’m in some kind of hibernation. Sorry I’m late. I’m absorbing so much each day at Uni that I don’t have much to give, to output when I get home- nor the time to do so. That’s ok though, it’s not a bad thing. I’m enjoying life!

/ Here, in England, eating pumpkin is just .. not a thing. We don’t have cans of pumpkin puree. We don’t do that. So, all those recipes I’m seeing on blog after blog for muffins or cakes, are just not relevant to me. I’ve eaten pumpkin in ravioli one time but apart from that, you just scoop out the insides and carve the outsides! You throw the guts in the bin, and they get on the floor and you find the slimy seeds everywhere.

/ side note to these side notes, I still insist on spelling recipes with an extra e; reciepes. What is going on??

/ I think part of this little low-volume-output is because I entered a competition a while back (bloggers in the north of england) and I didn’t get shortlisted or commended, not even in the under 23 group- and I had talked myself into thinking I had a chance! Bad person jealously icky feelings.

/ a little while ago, the kids (from my old job) texted me off their mum’s phone. She ended up inviting us for dinner, where we went last Friday night. I didn’t see the kids for nearly long enough, I wanted to just cuddle them up and chat forever but they went off to play. They invited another guy round, and we sat and talked from 8 until 3am. It was so interesting.

/ my mum was on radio 4 last week! I think she forgot she wasn’t giving a lecture, because she started her point very slow rather than jumping right in- so she got interrupted. Poor thing. She had good facts though!

/ We’re getting into a routine I think, with boyfriend at work and me at Uni. Some days I’m in 9-5, some days just 1-3, and some days nothing at all, now that the introductory series each Wednesday is gone.

/ my brother is coming to visit- he just booked his train last weekend and he’ll be here tomorrow for a short stay before he goes to Morocco (!) with some of the rest of my family. We have such a big family it feels like now. He’s going with 4 adults and 3 kids- but there are still 3 other adult members of my immediate & extended family who aren’t going! I’m looking forward to seeing him.

/ My first placement is 3 weeks long, and it starts in 2.5 weeks time. I’m on a neonatal ward, which is exciting but also nerve wracking- just a little more delicate than those on other wards! I haven’t called to find out my shift pattern yet.

/ Boyfriend is almost finished with getting his private pilot’s license- yay! It means a lot to him. It gets him through driving a van all day- if he knows he’s progressing in another area. Though he still has plans to set up some kind of gambling investment company.. He can’t stop, that guy. :)

/ Been listening to podcasts- especially radiolab ones. So good, so nice to get a dose of interesting discussion first thing in the morning.

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Russell Brand vs Westboro Baptist Church

A film set entirely on a computer screen and mobile phone display

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Evernote Camera Roll 20131006 094030 pm

Things With Us 

/ Just got back from London, where we stayed overnight at my parents house as he had to pick up a parcel from heathrow at midday today. He is now continuing his journey to Aberdeen, after we stopped for fajitas at his parents and he dropped me home. That’s a lot of driving. It was nice to see my parents and my brother.

/I started University, and am starting my 3rd week tomorrow! It’s been pretty good actually, on the whole. It’s amazing how insecure it made me though, for a while. And the emotions! I wanted this to be emotion free, but of course that hasn’t been possible. It’s made me remember how thankful I am to really come Home at the end of a day though- to Boyfriend, who knows me so perfectly well, is always kind and always makes me laugh. But I am having a good time.

/ He has plans to become a flying instructor, as he found out he could do so quite easily. That’d be exciting!

/Found out my first placement is in mid-November for 3 weeks, and I’m in a neonatal unit!

/Got back into podcasts- Radiolab and The Longest Shortest Time. I learnt about neonatal baby parents experiences, and cherokee indian laws in America.

/ One of the plates on our oven is blowing the circuit of our house. Hence stopping at his parents for dinner tonight, and the huge takeaway pizza we ordered from ‘Dario’s’ on Friday. Last night he had a kebab (his favourite) once we got to London.

/ I’m suprisingly tired already- and it’s not even 9- imagine how Boyfriend feels!

/ I bought new shoes- converse mono white’s. I like.

/  We had our 2 year anniversary.

/ I’ve set up his old monitor and it’s actually working (once I bought a wifi stick for it)- it’s kind of nice to have a proper set up!

/ I got my nursing uniform- 5 whole sets of it! Need to hem the trousers (hemming web anyone?) It’s not bad, and it’s pretty comfy. Who knows what I’m going to get up to wearing them. Hugging some babies in not long!

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(Credit to design mom for some of those- I’ve been busy!)

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Things With Us 

+ University starts tomorrow. 

+ We bought a new hoover- ours blew up, literally!

+ I met a few students ahead of the start of term on Monday- they were nice. And got on really well with 3 others that I met last night!

+ Boyfriend is doing his Private Pilot’s License (PPL) today and tomorrow- he’ll be fine, and it means we can go up flying just us. But he is so nervous!

+ We sold the car! It was.. alarming. But life has been fine without it. The buses are nice.

+ We’re considering giving up on the alphabet project- or we just do it differently. We do fun things together, the drive to do that is still there but it never fits the letters! So, I think I’ll write out all the remaining letters and we’ll fit them on randomly- but then we’ll be left with super tricky ones at the end maybe?? Decisions decisions.

+ We cleaned out the fish tank. It took 2 hours. I had to pull snails off the glass, luckily they didn’t die of shock. There was a disgusting huge worm that Boyfriend flushed down the toilet. It was just, on the whole, quite horrible- but we survived and now the tank looks brilliant.

+ I was having horrible dreams about my teeth cracking etc, but they’ve stopped now- guess I was pretty nervous about Uni! I woke up grumpy every morning for about 5 days. Very strange

+ We went to an air museum together which was really interesting. I was disapointed that all the aircraft were a boring beige. Who cares about camouflage, I wanted some chrome!

+ I dyed some clothes black- my top worked so perfectly, but the playsuit didn’t change a shade, and the bag looks oddly like fake denim. A good experiment!

+ I’ve been reading free books on my iPhone- surprisingly addictive!

+ Our neighbours have started being reeeeally noisy. Very strange- we’ve not had a problem before but it is just the same family above us making the noise! We might need to write a note- she did tell us to let her know if we could hear them..

+ Boyfriend is trying to get me to buy a house with him- using my parents as guarantors. After the small initial deposit it would actually be less than we’re paying in (well priced) rent. I’m considering it- but just think how horribly stressful it was to move last time– and that was only 3 months ago. I don’t think my family are ready for it yet though- they wouldn’t see it as a sensible financial decision – they’d see ‘oh my gosh you’re only 20!!’

+ We tried turkey meatballs- they were pretty good but I think I should make them smaller, and have them with pasta or rice. Or as part of a selection of different things to pick from.

+ We’ve been given two sets of reading/watching to do ahead of lectures. I’ve done it all- nerd alert.

+ Took our ink cartridges to an ink refill shop- and I think I got ripped off. £10 to refill it with ink? But to be fair, I had to get their own-brand ones, so next time it’ll be cheap- I think that’s how it works. When I bought them online it completely failed, at least this actually means I can take them back. And they were friendly.

+ Did I mention I start University tomorrow?

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My bedside table. Doesn’t that pretty money look nice? hehehee- it’s from selling the car. I don’t usually have cash at all. Recognise that bear?
20130922-014726-pm.jpgIn the middle of cleaning up- before all the gunk settled to leave beautiful clear water. But the fish wouldn’t leave the jar we’d stored him in!

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full sutton airfield

Things With Us

/ his parents are in Canada- looking at our land, and at further business opportunities! Sounds like they’re having a good time.

/ I have an iPhone (his old one)! Pretty exciting. I’ll do an app round up soon. It was the biggest mission to get transferred over to it now, but that’s over now.

/ actually been using Spotify and now that I barely drive, I don’t listen to the radio much. Two new favourites are Woodkid and Jaymes Young.

/ have you tried Ikea’s frozen cinnamon rolls? So good. All the things I love; hot, doughy, cinnamon, small.

/ a fair amount of home improvement going on. Taking up the curtains using ‘wundaweb’; put it into the crease you’re hemming, then put a wet cloth on top then hold an iron on for about 15 seconds, and repeat all the way along. Brilliant! Apart from I just discovered- after hemming one of them, that I don’t have nearly enough of it to do the other one. Back to amazon I go- that’s been the story of this entire week in fact!

/ my trip to Ikea to get a lamp was basically a disaster- the details are too boring. Anyway, we need to go back to return the one I got and we’re considering shelling out £50 for this one we both love. £50 on a lamp?! It’s pretty difficult for me to justify.. but it is lovely. Take a look here. (update- we did it!)

/ considering what kind of framed item/canvas/poster to put up on the walls of the living/kitchen space. I want a giant mirror that looks like a window. But also considering instagram or facebook photo compilation. Or another canvas- but it’d be hard to pick one picture. For the moment we have our wooden initals up on the wall which looks great but they’re only blutacked so have fallen a couple of times!

/ going to go to the pawn shop (a first!) to get rid of an expensive necklace I have- which is reasonably exciting!

/ I proved to be awful at croquet at his Grandma’s house last Sunday. We saw some of this extended family too.

/ I’ve got lots of my details for starting University in a couple of weeks (!) Lots of sessions I need to attend for my course in Freshers week, and a few fun things I want to look at too. I’m not going to book any club nights- just going to wait and see!

/ we’ve almost finished Rome season 2- so good! But then we might switch from Lovefilm to Netflix- I think the movies look better on there, and its available on iPhones too.

/ I’ve been going along with Richard on a lot of work trips recently- if he comes home at lunch time I often go out with him in the afternoon. We’ve returned a bike to Argos, delivered boxes and boxes of exercise books to a primary school and lots of other things that I don’t remember. We talk best on our bed, or in the car/van. Sometimes we go lie on our bed in the middle of the day if there is something we need to discuss! Yesterday we did a almost 9 hour round trip to Basingstoke- hence no post!

/ we went to a beer festival on Friday night- I hate beer but had a special cider which was pretty good. Still mourning not get the sweet potato fries from the gourmet fish n chips van. Next time.

/ Eddie Stobart trucks now have glow in the dark logos- advertisements 24 hours a day- genius!

/ it’s my niece’s 3rd birthday today. According to her, her full name includes ‘Nibble Nibble Noo’ : D

/ I have the ‘gram –>

/ I was going to read Under The Dome by Stephen King over the summer but I never made it, so I just returned it to the library- turns out the TV version on channel 5 is epic!

Some Links

/ This will be old news to most of you, but I only just discovered it; Brit+Co. There’s a great app too!

/ Firebox is sort of like This is Why I’m Broke but … for real, and in the UK. And less nerdy. With a student discount.

/ Talking of Ikea; have a look at this funny article; 21 Reasons Ikea Is Heaven On Earth

/ I wish they had TaskRabbit here.

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ooooops! sorry, here I am. 

Some Links

These people own the world

I’ve been using Oh Life this past week, and absolutely loving it. Can’t wait till I’ve built up enough entries to find out what my thoughts were a month ago, or even a year.

Finding some great words and thoughts on this blog; Janet Lansbury

Loving the calm, fun, and freedom on this blog; Ordinary Life Magic

late entry; this video is brilliant! 

The Holiday in Numbers

3 adorable nieces, 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 father, 1 mother, 1 boyfriend (for a week), 1 brother in law
1 storm
many hours in the pool
6 books brought, 3 books read
1 manual driving lesson
60 laps of the pool personal best
1 early morning croissant run
1 early morning drop at the airport
1 night market plus dinner
1 fancy lunch
1 extremely detailed a3 sized rota, complete with beautiful food drawings
2 flavours of ice cream; salted caramel and cookie dough
4 cakes
multiple heated debates
1 undressing of the baby for the bath- my technique needs work..
5 wins at cards, a few losses
1 frog in the pool
2 no-parents-dinners (lamb curry and from scratch pizza)
4 croissants eaten, lots of bread
1 birthday boy; 4 handmade cards from his children, 1 present given between us. He’s a tricky man to buy for.
1 car boot sale

Some recent pictures;

a delicious lunch made by my sister

a delicious lunch made by my sister