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National Blog Publishing Month? Wait a sec, I’ll check. Oh, Posting Month. That makes sense.
So I’m going to give this a go. Show up, day after day. Let’s see.

1. It’s late. When I clicked new post it was 12.34 o’clock, a favourite of mine. You can tell I’m not at home as I’m rarely up at this time there. I’m staying at my parents house.

2. Today I went to dinner with some school friends. It was lovely. I walked a friend back to hers and was invited in for jasmine tea.

3. I’ve given up cereal for a little while. Last week, while I was busy, I ate lots of bowls of it. It’s only Cheerios (and fruit & fibre) but it was the craving part I came to hate. I was thinking of it between meals, after meals, during meals. And we’ve always had Cheerios around, and I never really had them much before. So I said stop. It’s worked already; now it’s not an option, I have only thought of them once.

4. I have an appointment tomorrow with a hair loss specialist. They’ll take a full history, look at previous blood test results and perhaps take a biopsy from my scalp (!). I’m a little nervous- mainly at the thought of not finding any answers. Of being that person, on the endless quest for a diagnosis. Trying this and testing for that. We’ll see- it could be something simple.

5. I had been craving char sui bao for a while (and dim sum in general) so I found a place recommended online (it specifically said popular with local Chinese community – a good sign) and put it on my calendar for today, since it’s near the train station. When I got there I looked at the price on the menu outside, counted my coins then went in and ordered it, and a tap water. When I’d finished, I left my £3, with 40p tip and left. It was a little strange but perfect. They had given me more than a delicious meal- they had hit the spot, and been completely non-judgemental (I didn’t have any more money, and there was a £12 minimum card payment!). It’s called Ho’s, on Vicar Lane, Leeds. I’ll be back, with Boyfriend, and next time we’ll order a full meal and a half.
Oh! Whilst there I saw a boy meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time. He was wearing a tie, looked completely baffled and was being studiously ignored by the father and peered at by the mother. Poor thing.

Till tomorrow (or really, later today).


Recipes Lately

just a roundup of some recipes I’ve tried lately- mostly of the vegan etc variety. as you can probably tell, boyfriend has been out a lot!

// sweet potato brownies (deliciously ella) these were delicious, but not everyone who tried them was a fan!

// quinoa avocado sushi (plant-based pixie) so yummy, but mine was very messy!

// morning courgette muffins (what would gwyneth do) these have been a favourite for a while- made them 3 times already.

// zoats (mix up of two recipes but it’s just grated courgette, oats, egg white and maple syrup cooked together in a saucepan) – surprisingly delicious- had them twice so far. strange to get your head around but really recommend for getting your greens in.

// // banana puff pancakes; my own recipe; (two heaped 0.25 cups; one of white flour and one of wholewheat brown flour. Add 1 teaspoon baking powder. Mash in a whole banana, and 0.5 cup of almond milk. Squirt in some maple syrup. These burn easily. Heat coconut oil in a pan, pour in and watch carefully. They puff up great on the second side!) These are really great- making them today. Makes 3 small ones.

p.s. really need to get better at iPhone food photography.

stir fry!

My Personal Diet

… is not a diet. 

It’s this; 

poster healthy eating

Or at least, I try. 

It was gradual process-

// turning away from bread/products – viewing them as a special treat, almost always wholegrain (which I think taste a hell of a lot better), picking the small size loaf. 

// portion sizes- downsizing wherever possible, forget what a meal conventionally looks like – convention is wrong- serve yourself when eating at other peoples houses. 

// don’t eat just because it’s dinner/lunch time – listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry- but don’t let it get to food-frenzy-levels. 

// eat slower. eat mindfully. I need to remind myself of this every time. 

// food diary- just being accountable, the only person I was tricking is myself. This goes back to my childhood. I remember sneaking 4 pieces of toast wrapped in a napkin and sprinting to my room- if no one sees you then it’s didn’t happen right? wrong. 

// watching the balance- up the veg, down the dairy/sugar/meat/carbs. Try going grain free for a day – it makes you think (and it makes you hungry!). 

// black choc not milk. One square not a bar. Once a week not daily. I was never a big chocolate eater though I suppose. 

// don’t set yourself up for a crave-y day. limit sugars, especially in the morning. 

It’s nothing new. 

Oh, and exercise. I’ run twice a week – and starting each (but not every) day with press ups and leg raises (and stretching/yoga, and failing at pull ups). I walk when I don’t run- through our gorgeous local forest next to the river. Healthy eating alone won’t do anything if you never raise your heart rate. 

Just being kind to myself, and appreciating my healthy body. I want to feel a little stronger, and make changes that will stick, no gimmicks. 


P.S. This is not the blog post I intended to write but oh well- that one will be up soon. 

I Do, I Don’t

While I was on holiday with my family, we had a lot of discussions about food, cooking, living and ethical consumption. My eldest sister is very keen on buying food from ethical shops, eating healthily, growing vegetables, and making all meals from scratch including bread. My middle sister is also interested in finding small shops, special ingredients and cooking it all from scratch- new and exciting recipes, many involving mainly vegetables.

I think these things are a bit of a spectrum. On a scale, 1 being couldn’t care less and eats mainly McDonald’s and 10 being a vegan raw food enthusiast, I’d say I personally fall at about a 5 and Boyfriend at about a 3. My eldest sister is probably a 8, and the other at a 7.

Some of these distinctions are so random, and who knows where they come from.

– I do eat own brand honey loops cereal sometimes but I wouldn’t eat Fruit Loops or Krave.

– I make my own smoothies using fruits from the fridge but I don’t add avocado or kale.

– I do like baking but not with twigs- no lavender, no rosemary. In fact, no vegetables in my baking either.

– I do buy pre-cut french fries but I wouldn’t eat curly fries.

– I am lactose intolerant but I refuse to drink any kind of milk that is not from a cow (mine just comes with added enzyme). No soya, no goat, no yak. No oat, no hazelnut. Almond milk is ok in small doses.

– I eat brown bread not white, but I don’t bake it myself each morning.

– I’ve never eaten a burger from a fast food chain, but I have had chicken nuggets- and they’re ok.

– I’d rather have a bowl of sushi rice, avocado with vinegar & soya, than a plate of steak and chips.

– But I’d rather have a frozen pizza than a meal only made of lentils. (Lentils in moderation, I say)

But mainly I put price over ethics. I’d rather buy the cheapest if it tastes fresh and good- than pay more for an organic label. It’s Asda no but Aldi yes-and they were just named Grocer of the Year 2013.

Where do you stand? 


I was reading a book recently, in which one of the characters was saying that by the time she left school in the 70s, it had been made sure that she had learned certain ‘feminine’ skills.

Here are the ones that I can do;

  • sew on a button (just about)
  • bake a cake/anything (My mum would bake to destress I think. Banana cake, applesauce cake, marble cake)
  •  knit (my grandmother taught me as she was getting arthritis, and she wanted to pass it on)
  • arrange flowers (My dad is really keen on doing this. I just fluff them around until I like them)

But ‘woman’ things that I can’t do;

  • darn a sock
  • crochet
  • lay a table with all the cutlery and glasses
  • balance a book on my head?
  • take in a dress

This has led me to consider other ‘gender’ things, in my life;

  • My male employer recently told me, with a serious passion, that I am terrible at cutting bread. He went on to say that his wife is just as bad, and ‘you may as well use your hands!’ My dad also has problems with the way all of his three daughters cut bread. Is this.. a thing? Is this bread sexism, a coincidence, or a little known truth?
  • I also sometimes have problems parking- as in planning out which way to move the wheel to make it go in correctly. Not so much anymore, but it was very hard at the beginning. Is this a scientific thing- my brain is not good at spatial awareness?  Or just something that I happen to sometimes find difficult when in new places, regardless of my gender?
  • Boyfriend is really bad at listening whilst he watches something, or reads something. I don’t have this problem Therefore you could say- he can’t multitask. A man thing, or a coincidence? To be fair, I recently read that this may be true in the home but it’s not true in their working lives- which I agree with.

But there are some things that go against gender, in my life;

  • I’m the one that catches the spiders!

Let me state, that I am firmly of the opinion that anyone can do anything, until proved otherwise. Gender regardless.

I recently came across this article, which says some of the same things but in a far superior way. Please go read; femininism and the new domesticity.


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Question Time

First one, here we go!

@butternutb: Which is your favourite meal? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks?


+ Waffles, pancakes, bacon, maple syrup.

+ Baguettes,cinnamon whirls, croissants.

+ Jam, peanut butter, honey, wholegrain toast.

+ Porridge, cereal, muesli.

You get the idea. I love breakfast. 

New series,  out every Friday- using SeeSaw


Single Portion Microwave Melt Cinnamon Cookie Dessert.

Yes. That’s right. 

And I’ll give you a recipe right here, while I eat it. 

single serving cookie

my last mugful- a very thin rawish version- you can make yours as thick and fluffy as you like! Delicious all ways

UTENSILS: A mug. A spoon. A microwave.

INGREDIENTS; An Egg- mix it up in a bowl/cup/mug/saucepan. Cinnamon. Flour. Sugar, and brown sugar (I didn’t have any). Vanilla. Baking powder. Butter (if using unsalted then add a tiny bit of salt). Keep them in proportion. The more you put in, the more you’ll make. I made this 3 times, in a row.

INSTRUCTIONS; Get your (microwave safe) mug. Put a spoonful of butter in. Put it in the microwave for 5 seconds. Pour in a some sugar, then the other sugar. Mix. Put in some egg. Mix. Put in some flour and a sprinkle of baking powder (not too much). Mix. Put a tiny dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix.

Put it in the microwave for 35-40 seconds. Longer if you want it more like a cookie, less like a mess. Rinse the spoon. Get it out. Attack with the spoon.


Alternatively don’t put cinnamon, and put chocolate chips instead. But I can’t eat chocolate right now. 

I’m aware this isn’t a recipe, as it barely has instructions. But just go with it, see how you feel. I know the photo is terrible, I just needed to share this.

So so delicious. Thanks boyfriend, for being out on a ‘lads night’.