Birthday Boy(friend)

So he turned 24!

When we woke up I made him stay in bed. I arranged his presents in the living room, and stuck up secret post-it notes in strange places around the house to remind him that it was his birthday etc. For the card I adapted this photo. Oh and one of those presents is a certain polar bear :).

presents secret note

Last year for his birthday I gave him this message in a tiny bottle. I said if he couldn’t get the message out he could open it on his next birthday. I thought it was would need to be smashed but it wouldn’t break even when we tried using an iron. So I got some tweezers, which he hadn’t thought of, and we got the message out. message in a bottle P1010167

Then, I made his requested cake; lemon drizzle. I used the hummingbird recipe and it was delicious. If I do say so myself.

P1010168We also booked some flights to Canada for boyfriend and his dad! They’re going to look at some land to perhaps buy– it’s very exciting. They’re off in under 2 weeks. We also went out for dinner to a delicious indian place with his parents. I think he enjoyed his day. The sun even shone for a little bit.


Fish World Problems

fish tank

So, a little while ago Boyfriend decided he really was going to buy a fish tank instead of just daydreaming about it.

  • He buys one on Amazon- without even asking or telling me. This is foolish- things go wrong if I am not consulted. Sure enough, it turns out the one he bought was about as big as our sofa.
  • The next day we go to the fish shop quite far away, voted best in the world blah blah. It is very hot and steamy in there. We look at fish, and tanks, and consult the (balding, middle aged) gurus. We decide to cancel the tank and buy one from them instead as you get money off later purchases.
  • Later that day, while I am at work, Boyfriend brings home the tank, fills it with the special water and sand and switches the heater and lamp on. I reject the way it is now the centre-point of the room and all my careful decoration is literally overshadowed by its 100 watt light. Then I get used to it.
  • Some days later, he buys some ‘alive’ rock and puts it in the tank. He begins to notice that the tank is too noisy, and starts to get worried any future creatures will get tinnitus or something. He fiddles with the pump and filter until it is quieter.
  • He wants to raise the pH of the tank to make it optimum conditions for his precious pets and so he makes me order some on amazon. When it arrives it is the wrong one. We exchange it for the right one.
  • The next visit, we are both hoping to return with some actual FISH but no luck. We instead return with a ‘clean up crew’- 3 hermit crabs and a blood shrimp, and another chunk of ugly rock. Luckily no slimy snails. Oh, and a ‘wrecked’ plane. He cut the wings off it with a saw, because as I said, it didn’t actually fit in the tank.
  • He orders some coral. When they arrive one of them is dead, and the other one is very ugly.
  • The hermits start fighting, and their spare shells haven’t arrived.
  • Boyfriend puts banana in the tank, which floats. He puts a chunk of chicken in the tank from his pizza, which starts to decay and isn’t eaten.
  • While fishing (ha!) the bits out one day he puts the glass lid on the carpet floor. He leaves it there. Later on, I was bending my head to look at the shrimp that hides behind the rocks and I step backward onto the lid. It cracks. I am dispatched to get glass glue. We mend it, but one day we wake up to find the two halves balanced on the rocks. So now we just use one half.
  • It’s been a month since the initial purchase. Still no fish. But a lot of money has been spent.


New Year Projects

1. Writing down every book I read this year, in a journal my sister kindly made for me last year- she stitched it and bound it, the full works. 3 so far.

2. ‘You learn something new every day’. I bought tiny little diary and in it I write down something new that I learnt.. that day. 

No progress on D (December’s letter) let alone E!

E for Edinburgh?