hey! I’m Butternut B (well.. obviously that’s not my name). I live with my boyfriend who on here is called… Boyfriend (or R). I did a year of paediatric nursing degree, it wasn’t for me so I’m just jumping headfirst into finding what IS for me.

at the moment, the roles I play in life are; girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend, chef and organiser. soon to be; instructor, nanny and volunteer children’s counsellor.

I hope to add a few in over the next few years;  respite foster carer, wife, daughter-in-law, and definitely mother.

I believe in …

young people + unschooling (and here) +  respect + trying + documenting a life + doing your best + eating welllove +

find me on…

// Instagram // Facebook // Twitter //

I welcome offers of collaborations, ace product reviews and most especially definitely free holidays. 

or.. butternutb@mail.com – I promise you’ll get a reply


make my day- leave a comment

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