The Sun


I love the sun. Let me count the ways.

Here on this train, from across the fields and through the trees. I lean my head back and close my eyes. And thank my lucky stars for the star.

Through the balcony doors in our old flat, sitting in the bright square cast onto the carpet.

In the morning after I’ve scrambled out of (our newly much lower) bed to unveil the bottom right square of the window, pronounced what kind of day it is and then jumped back into bed. We have 4 blackout blinds, one for each window pane. I made them up myself, using eyelets and nails to hang them off. I suppose we don’t like the sun so much before we’re ready to be awake.

About 8 minutes into my usual running route when I turn the corner onto a road that runs alongside a small field. I briefly run with my eyes closed, as my feet know the path.

When in London and I’m underground travelling on the tube for a while and in the intervening time the weather has miraculously improved and as I pop up I’m hit by it’s warmth.



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