Christmas Questions

Q. A sign that Christmas is coming?
A. Christmas tunes playing in the supermarket
Q. Favourite Christmas Song?
I find myself humming In the Bleak Midwinter the most. I like driving home for Christmas too.
Q. Favourite Christmas Movie?
I don’t really watch any! In fact I can’t think of one I’ve actually watched more than once.Q. Opening Presents.. Morning or Afternoon?
Morning, opening our stockings with my siblings in one of our bedrooms (and swapping where necessary). Then downstairs to exchange any personal gifts out from under the tree.

Q. Smoky eyes and sequin dresses for Christmas dinner or tacky jumpers all the way?
I usually wear some nice blouse/trouser thing for the meal. We don’t really do make up though, any of us. And I don’t think anyone owns any tacky jumpers- I did buy my brother a blow up santa one year. 

Q. Christmas Eve Plans?
My sister is arriving from England so I’ll probably go get her to save her the solo parent trip when she’s frazzled from the journey. My mum will cook something, probably pork.Q. Favourite Christmas food or drink?
I like brussel sprouts, and champagne. And mini sausages wrapped in bacon. And brandy butter.

Q. Favourite Christmas memory?
Not sure I have one.. How sad. All I can think of is the time I threw up because I had some hot chocolate earlier that day, made with milk (#intolerance)

Q. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?

My family- can’t get away. This might be my last one separated from Boyfriend, woop! I’ll then be in sync with my sister with the alternating families for christmas.
Q. Top of your wish list this year?
I didn’t want anything at all but my mum said if I didn’t write her a list she’d get me things I didn’t like. So I put on things like a specific cushion cover, and a specific book, etc. My real top wish is for Boyfriend to find the gas meter at our new place, and wash the bed sheets at his parents as I can’t figure out how to use the machine effectively.Q. What’s on your plate?
Minimum turkey, maximum sprouts/cabbage. Stuffing, cranberry sauce. Bit of bread sauce, and some wrapped sausages. Then, a mince pie with brandy butter and definitely no christmas pudding bleugh.

Q. Favourite Christmassy Scent?
Baby smell.Q. What is at the top of your tree?
At home- nothing, here in France an angel in a purple dress.

Q. Boxing day?
Phewf- over. Eating turkey sandwiches.

Q. Best thing about Christmas?

People looking happy around town. Boyfriend having a good time with his family, and telling me funny stories.
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