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Again, it’s been a while. Exactly a month today.

Tell You

/ He booked a viewing at a flat in our old village, in fact in the same courtyard. We went, both hoping to dislike it because of the inconvenience, but we absolutely loved it. Exposed beams, stone work, huge windows, lots of room, lovely bathroom. And of course, back in our old village that we’ve been missing.

/ We went ahead with it, and signed for it last weekend. We’ll be moving starting on the 14th!

/ This meant we had to buy a car, which we did- a little Fiat 500 in jet black. He is so cute, we’ve nicknamed him Dino (as his license plate looks a little like that).

/ Boyfriend’s been giving me driving lessons- not so bad actually! Obviously I’m useless still (over a year and a half since I last drove manual- the day of my test) but I didn’t get upset about it. It’s interesting to compare to the last time I took lessons off him- August 2012. I cried and hated every moment! But this time, I guess we know each other even better.. Also- the pressure is off, because I don’t have a job that relies on it, just my drive to Uni.

/ The insurance cost was amazing- so so happy about that!

/ We went down to London to celebrate 3 out of 4 sibling’s birthdays (including mine). It was good! A lovely late brunch, followed by some sister time.

/ So yes, I turn 21 on Sunday! Last birthday I was a brat and complained that the day wasn’t special enough, probably because I didn’t put the effort in and organise much. I wanted champagne and cake but I didn’t buy any or bake one.. Anyway, I think I might have overdone it as on Friday a chauffeur is picking us up from home, and I don’t know where we’re going!! So excited though.

/ We spent bonfire night at a huge free event with booming music, a massive stack of pallets to burn and a big fireworks display. I had a million layers on (and was declared ‘kind of puffy looking’) but he didn’t have enough and so had freezing cold toes. It was nice though!

/ Nothing happened on Halloween- maybe next year! Not that bothered about it though, no kids to get excited about it!

/ I had a TB injection- permanently scarred for the good of the herd, so to speak, as Boyfriend hasn’t had one. Luckily, no sign of a horrible scar yet!

/ We called the police on the woman upstairs, because the boy had been screaming and running for about half an hour and we were just so worried- we don’t want to read about it in the newspaper you know? Anyway, she fobbed them off and said that it was because she refused to help him on the computer..

/ Boyfriend sent off his application to British Airways (lots of drama) and got an interview the next day, for the following week! Woop! Interview went really well, as did the simulated flying but he’s very worried that he completely messed up the physics section. Anyway, they told us it’d be a week till we heard but then other people have been told not until January! To be fair, that fits with the timeline we originally thought of- and works quite well as it doesn’t put pressure to start revising for the next round.

/ He’s been doing quite a bit of flying with a friend- and absolutely loving it!

/ I spent 3 weeks on placement for my university course. I’m going to write up a separate post about it, but by the end I quite enjoyed myself. Back to normal Uni now, as of Monday.

/ Our boiler is broken, as is the sink. But we’re dealing with it- but I really pity the people who move in here after us. The place is falling apart it feels like!

/ Met up with a girl from Uni a few times whilst I was on placement, just us- it’s been really nice. Not awkward at all, just like.. real friends hah

/ Downloaded a new app based on the ‘don’t break the chain’ mentality called Good Habits. It’s working really well for me, helping me make sure I eat at least one piece of fruit or veg a day. Starting small..

Show You

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