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To Tell 
/ We went to see his extended family on his mums side this weekend- I hadn’t met them before. There was a couple of ‘oh I’ll probably see you next year at the wedding’ wink, ha! They were all really nice though had a great time!
/ Excited to start trampolining at a sports centre I’ve discovered/ and he’s gonna go swimming! Starts next Saturday.
/ Been reading a lot of feminist focused stuff- APW, and how to be a woman- makes you a bit.. Angry at no one understanding! But must not take this out of boyfriend who is doing his best lol. It’s more frustrating at having to bite my lip when my new friends say things..
/ Only one week until placement- eek! Tiny babies. I think I’ll be alright- it’ll be great to get started.
/ He’s going to apply for BA training next Monday- would be very exciting! Unfortunately it’s 20 weeks in Oxford and 20 in (drum roll) Arizona!! But we’ll work it out. Actually, we’ll see if he gets it first- we’re assuming he won’t so it’s either great news or neutral.
/ My brother came to stay for a bit- it was great. Tried a new street food court place which was lovely, and watched Breaking Bad together while eating copious amounts of chicken. The next day he flew off to Morocco  I was so jealous!
/ I’m student rep for my year (of 38 students)- and went to the first meeting.
/ We’ve been thinking of moving out once our contract is up on 28th of December (partly because of this). But we looked a few flats already and found a beautiful one on our old road in our old cute village! Top floor, exposed stone, huge windows, 2 bed rooms. But yes- it’s too far away. And we’d have to buy a car again. Plus my mum just booked my flights home from family trip in France- don’t get back till 29th oops. Not sure what we’ll do.
/ I’m writing this up on the bus in to Uni- didn’t have a chance yesterday. It’s a long day today- Mondays always are.
/ I went for the first time to a all you can eat multi-cuisine buffet. It was awesome! Delicious. BBQ, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Sushi, and puddings.
/ Had my first look at the real paperwork and charts we have to do as nurses- so exciting.
/ We didn’t do anything for Halloween but we’re going to a huge park show tomorrow for bonfire night :)
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  1. Arizona! Never thought I’d see my state in one of your posts. Your lives are so exciting. Moving and travelling are such a big deal to me and you sound so nonchalant about them. I envy that!

    1. Well as always, it probably seems much more exciting from the outside! Apart from this job prospect I think we’re pretty chilled. Apart from living in 3 places in 2013..! Hmm.. maybe we are a little bit less settled than I thought haha..

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