Show and Tell

Some Things

/ I feel as if I’m in some kind of hibernation. Sorry I’m late. I’m absorbing so much each day at Uni that I don’t have much to give, to output when I get home- nor the time to do so. That’s ok though, it’s not a bad thing. I’m enjoying life!

/ Here, in England, eating pumpkin is just .. not a thing. We don’t have cans of pumpkin puree. We don’t do that. So, all those recipes I’m seeing on blog after blog for muffins or cakes, are just not relevant to me. I’ve eaten pumpkin in ravioli one time but apart from that, you just scoop out the insides and carve the outsides! You throw the guts in the bin, and they get on the floor and you find the slimy seeds everywhere.

/ side note to these side notes, I still insist on spelling recipes with an extra e; reciepes. What is going on??

/ I think part of this little low-volume-output is because I entered a competition a while back (bloggers in the north of england) and I didn’t get shortlisted or commended, not even in the under 23 group- and I had talked myself into thinking I had a chance! Bad person jealously icky feelings.

/ a little while ago, the kids (from my old job) texted me off their mum’s phone. She ended up inviting us for dinner, where we went last Friday night. I didn’t see the kids for nearly long enough, I wanted to just cuddle them up and chat forever but they went off to play. They invited another guy round, and we sat and talked from 8 until 3am. It was so interesting.

/ my mum was on radio 4 last week! I think she forgot she wasn’t giving a lecture, because she started her point very slow rather than jumping right in- so she got interrupted. Poor thing. She had good facts though!

/ We’re getting into a routine I think, with boyfriend at work and me at Uni. Some days I’m in 9-5, some days just 1-3, and some days nothing at all, now that the introductory series each Wednesday is gone.

/ my brother is coming to visit- he just booked his train last weekend and he’ll be here tomorrow for a short stay before he goes to Morocco (!) with some of the rest of my family. We have such a big family it feels like now. He’s going with 4 adults and 3 kids- but there are still 3 other adult members of my immediate & extended family who aren’t going! I’m looking forward to seeing him.

/ My first placement is 3 weeks long, and it starts in 2.5 weeks time. I’m on a neonatal ward, which is exciting but also nerve wracking- just a little more delicate than those on other wards! I haven’t called to find out my shift pattern yet.

/ Boyfriend is almost finished with getting his private pilot’s license- yay! It means a lot to him. It gets him through driving a van all day- if he knows he’s progressing in another area. Though he still has plans to set up some kind of gambling investment company.. He can’t stop, that guy. :)

/ Been listening to podcasts- especially radiolab ones. So good, so nice to get a dose of interesting discussion first thing in the morning.

Some Links

These are amazing

Russell Brand vs Westboro Baptist Church

A film set entirely on a computer screen and mobile phone display


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