Show and Tell

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Things With Us 

/ Just got back from London, where we stayed overnight at my parents house as he had to pick up a parcel from heathrow at midday today. He is now continuing his journey to Aberdeen, after we stopped for fajitas at his parents and he dropped me home. That’s a lot of driving. It was nice to see my parents and my brother.

/I started University, and am starting my 3rd week tomorrow! It’s been pretty good actually, on the whole. It’s amazing how insecure it made me though, for a while. And the emotions! I wanted this to be emotion free, but of course that hasn’t been possible. It’s made me remember how thankful I am to really come Home at the end of a day though- to Boyfriend, who knows me so perfectly well, is always kind and always makes me laugh. But I am having a good time.

/ He has plans to become a flying instructor, as he found out he could do so quite easily. That’d be exciting!

/Found out my first placement is in mid-November for 3 weeks, and I’m in a neonatal unit!

/Got back into podcasts- Radiolab and The Longest Shortest Time. I learnt about neonatal baby parents experiences, and cherokee indian laws in America.

/ One of the plates on our oven is blowing the circuit of our house. Hence stopping at his parents for dinner tonight, and the huge takeaway pizza we ordered from ‘Dario’s’ on Friday. Last night he had a kebab (his favourite) once we got to London.

/ I’m suprisingly tired already- and it’s not even 9- imagine how Boyfriend feels!

/ I bought new shoes- converse mono white’s. I like.

/  We had our 2 year anniversary.

/ I’ve set up his old monitor and it’s actually working (once I bought a wifi stick for it)- it’s kind of nice to have a proper set up!

/ I got my nursing uniform- 5 whole sets of it! Need to hem the trousers (hemming web anyone?) It’s not bad, and it’s pretty comfy. Who knows what I’m going to get up to wearing them. Hugging some babies in not long!

Some Links

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(Credit to design mom for some of those- I’ve been busy!)

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