Our Tale

We have this above our bed. It means a lot to me.
By Ronald Searle

I typed out almost all of our relationship story, as it was our 2 year anniversary on Thursday, but it didn’t feel right.

Instead I will say that I feel so lucky, every day. To be loved by and to love, to know and to giggle with, to return home to every day and wake up with each morning- I am completely and utterly lucky.

I believe ‘love is a verb’, and a relationship means working at it, every day. Somehow, we arrived in each other lives (completely by chance) at just the right time in order to make this work. It makes my heart spin, just to know that I get to continue to learn and work at this every day with him, my partner.

I am so happy to be in his life, and to have him in mine. To support each other, to grow and play and learn and explore, side by side.


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