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Things With Us 

+ University starts tomorrow. 

+ We bought a new hoover- ours blew up, literally!

+ I met a few students ahead of the start of term on Monday- they were nice. And got on really well with 3 others that I met last night!

+ Boyfriend is doing his Private Pilot’s License (PPL) today and tomorrow- he’ll be fine, and it means we can go up flying just us. But he is so nervous!

+ We sold the car! It was.. alarming. But life has been fine without it. The buses are nice.

+ We’re considering giving up on the alphabet project- or we just do it differently. We do fun things together, the drive to do that is still there but it never fits the letters! So, I think I’ll write out all the remaining letters and we’ll fit them on randomly- but then we’ll be left with super tricky ones at the end maybe?? Decisions decisions.

+ We cleaned out the fish tank. It took 2 hours. I had to pull snails off the glass, luckily they didn’t die of shock. There was a disgusting huge worm that Boyfriend flushed down the toilet. It was just, on the whole, quite horrible- but we survived and now the tank looks brilliant.

+ I was having horrible dreams about my teeth cracking etc, but they’ve stopped now- guess I was pretty nervous about Uni! I woke up grumpy every morning for about 5 days. Very strange

+ We went to an air museum together which was really interesting. I was disapointed that all the aircraft were a boring beige. Who cares about camouflage, I wanted some chrome!

+ I dyed some clothes black- my top worked so perfectly, but the playsuit didn’t change a shade, and the bag looks oddly like fake denim. A good experiment!

+ I’ve been reading free books on my iPhone- surprisingly addictive!

+ Our neighbours have started being reeeeally noisy. Very strange- we’ve not had a problem before but it is just the same family above us making the noise! We might need to write a note- she did tell us to let her know if we could hear them..

+ Boyfriend is trying to get me to buy a house with him- using my parents as guarantors. After the small initial deposit it would actually be less than we’re paying in (well priced) rent. I’m considering it- but just think how horribly stressful it was to move last time– and that was only 3 months ago. I don’t think my family are ready for it yet though- they wouldn’t see it as a sensible financial decision – they’d see ‘oh my gosh you’re only 20!!’

+ We tried turkey meatballs- they were pretty good but I think I should make them smaller, and have them with pasta or rice. Or as part of a selection of different things to pick from.

+ We’ve been given two sets of reading/watching to do ahead of lectures. I’ve done it all- nerd alert.

+ Took our ink cartridges to an ink refill shop- and I think I got ripped off. £10 to refill it with ink? But to be fair, I had to get their own-brand ones, so next time it’ll be cheap- I think that’s how it works. When I bought them online it completely failed, at least this actually means I can take them back. And they were friendly.

+ Did I mention I start University tomorrow?

Some Links 

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I love maps like this 

I found this really interesting; changing habits

Some More Snaps


My bedside table. Doesn’t that pretty money look nice? hehehee- it’s from selling the car. I don’t usually have cash at all. Recognise that bear?
20130922-014726-pm.jpgIn the middle of cleaning up- before all the gunk settled to leave beautiful clear water. But the fish wouldn’t leave the jar we’d stored him in!

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