It’s Gone

/ No de-icing to do on cold mornings

/ No fuel to buy

/ No space to keep tidy and clean (as if)

/ No popping to the supermarket

/ No ‘driver’ status when out with friends

/ No more ‘leapfrogging’ on the motorway with Boyfriend

/ No dashboard alerts to worry over

/ No emergency appointments with the garage because the floor is flooding

We sold our car. Well, technically my mum gave it to me to use after she didn’t want it anymore- so kind of her, so it was her car. It went in for an MOT and service on Friday and it had a lott of problems- so we decided to sell whilst we still could. We put it up on Autotrader on Sunday evening and we got 3 calls within 10 minutes. We picked the second guy, who sounded super keen, coming from Manchester with the correct sum ‘in his pocket’ with his girlfriend. We took the ad offline but got 3 further calls anyway. The guy said he’d be at our house at 9.30pm so we washed the car, got a takeway, tidied the house and got out the paperwork. He arrived and he was not what we expected- at all. This huge Indian guy, no girlfriend and a fancyish car. He’d brought a flashlight, and it soon became clear he was a car dealer who knew a lot about this exact model (Golf). He decided he wanted it- called his colleague to confirm and then we signed the paperwork and he took the keys, ready to collect it tomorrow. It all felt… very unpleasant. We hid the money and triple checked all the doors were locked!

By the time I woke up the following morning I felt a little better about it. At some point around lunchtime I looked out the window and it had disappeared- felt a bit strange! I think it’s because my mum bought that car when I was 10 – so I’ve done a lot of school runs in it, and then last year I was the one driving the school runs, for the kids. So many memories in it. But, it is a relief that I don’t have to worry about it. Now I just have to work out which bus pass I need to get.


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