I Am These Things At This Moment

My mother once said I have moods like the Mauritian weather i.e. intense but changes quickly. Once I’m not sad, I’m really not sad- it’s gone. This is perplexing for the Boyfriend. So, in honour of that, this list is only what I feel at this very moment.

making : a sign for the front door, and playlists on spotify
cooking : a banana cake
drinking : not enough, as usual. But water, in general.
reading : Circle of Shadows by Imogen Robertson
wanting : a bright red hooded tailored duffel coat from asos
looking : at signing up to spotify premium (half price for students)
playing : songs by Woodkid
wasting : time. But I have a lot of time.
wishing : for things to turn out great in our lives
enjoying : my tidy living room, and organised online life.
waiting : for University to start in 10.5 days, and Boyfriend to get home from work
liking : the thought of a slice of fresh banana bread
wondering : how the battery on my iPhone is running out so quickly
loving : boyfriend, always
hoping : that he can be happy
needing : to get in the shower
smelling : banana bread and grass
wearing : a skirt! and top and underwear. and nail varnish. and a ring and a watch.
following : all those mentioned in ‘Others’
noticing : that my back is sore. Time for that shower?
knowing : that I’m going to enjoy this new adventure
thinking : about moving somewhere where the sun shines every day, all day.
opening : new tabs. 15 open in 3 different windows, plus another window.
giggling : always
feeling : reasonably relaxed. Currently.

this idea was stolen off someone else


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