Companies, Stories and Travels

On our travels together we saw the National Museum of Needlework. I said ‘Yeah, I can really see the point of going there’… He missed the pun. I pointed it out, and then he came up with a cracker; ‘it’ll have us in stitches’. The best I could then come up with was ‘well the directions were good; it’d be really thimble to get there’.

You know they’re thinking of installing a ladder on one of the tricky parts of the Mount Everest assent? 520 climbers managed it last year, and apparently there are queues on the way up. It just feels wrong, don’t you think?

Have you heard Morrisons new slogan? It’s like a blend of all the other supermarkets- so awkward. ‘Every penny counts’.

Lloyds TSB will become Lloyds Bank – with a much better logo. Hooray for that. Perhaps no more cartoon people?

I never even though that if you’re in America/Australia etc you’d have the do the accent in order for any voice recognition phone systems to work for you! How strange. I wonder if my accents are good enough.

We’re coming up to 2 years together, and it’s been over a year of living together. Just think of how many mornings we’ve been lucky enough to wake up together. This week I will write down our story, ahead of our anniversary.

And this week I will also hit ‘post’ on my education story- how I got here, to a child nursing degree.

This evening I miss our old village- taking a walk down by the river, watching the light in the trees.


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