Show and Tell

Sorry I’m late.

full sutton airfield

Things With Us

/ his parents are in Canada- looking at our land, and at further business opportunities! Sounds like they’re having a good time.

/ I have an iPhone (his old one)! Pretty exciting. I’ll do an app round up soon. It was the biggest mission to get transferred over to it now, but that’s over now.

/ actually been using Spotify and now that I barely drive, I don’t listen to the radio much. Two new favourites are Woodkid and Jaymes Young.

/ have you tried Ikea’s frozen cinnamon rolls? So good. All the things I love; hot, doughy, cinnamon, small.

/ a fair amount of home improvement going on. Taking up the curtains using ‘wundaweb’; put it into the crease you’re hemming, then put a wet cloth on top then hold an iron on for about 15 seconds, and repeat all the way along. Brilliant! Apart from I just discovered- after hemming one of them, that I don’t have nearly enough of it to do the other one. Back to amazon I go- that’s been the story of this entire week in fact!

/ my trip to Ikea to get a lamp was basically a disaster- the details are too boring. Anyway, we need to go back to return the one I got and we’re considering shelling out £50 for this one we both love. £50 on a lamp?! It’s pretty difficult for me to justify.. but it is lovely. Take a look here. (update- we did it!)

/ considering what kind of framed item/canvas/poster to put up on the walls of the living/kitchen space. I want a giant mirror that looks like a window. But also considering instagram or facebook photo compilation. Or another canvas- but it’d be hard to pick one picture. For the moment we have our wooden initals up on the wall which looks great but they’re only blutacked so have fallen a couple of times!

/ going to go to the pawn shop (a first!) to get rid of an expensive necklace I have- which is reasonably exciting!

/ I proved to be awful at croquet at his Grandma’s house last Sunday. We saw some of this extended family too.

/ I’ve got lots of my details for starting University in a couple of weeks (!) Lots of sessions I need to attend for my course in Freshers week, and a few fun things I want to look at too. I’m not going to book any club nights- just going to wait and see!

/ we’ve almost finished Rome season 2- so good! But then we might switch from Lovefilm to Netflix- I think the movies look better on there, and its available on iPhones too.

/ I’ve been going along with Richard on a lot of work trips recently- if he comes home at lunch time I often go out with him in the afternoon. We’ve returned a bike to Argos, delivered boxes and boxes of exercise books to a primary school and lots of other things that I don’t remember. We talk best on our bed, or in the car/van. Sometimes we go lie on our bed in the middle of the day if there is something we need to discuss! Yesterday we did a almost 9 hour round trip to Basingstoke- hence no post!

/ we went to a beer festival on Friday night- I hate beer but had a special cider which was pretty good. Still mourning not get the sweet potato fries from the gourmet fish n chips van. Next time.

/ Eddie Stobart trucks now have glow in the dark logos- advertisements 24 hours a day- genius!

/ it’s my niece’s 3rd birthday today. According to her, her full name includes ‘Nibble Nibble Noo’ : D

/ I have the ‘gram –>

/ I was going to read Under The Dome by Stephen King over the summer but I never made it, so I just returned it to the library- turns out the TV version on channel 5 is epic!

Some Links

/ This will be old news to most of you, but I only just discovered it; Brit+Co. There’s a great app too!

/ Firebox is sort of like This is Why I’m Broke but … for real, and in the UK. And less nerdy. With a student discount.

/ Talking of Ikea; have a look at this funny article; 21 Reasons Ikea Is Heaven On Earth

/ I wish they had TaskRabbit here.



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