It’s The little Things

Sometimes I find it is the little things that prevent you from doing something, or make your day a load better. See below.

The Bad

+ This other sports bra that actually cements me in place so now I can work out properly again.

+ There is a special hanger for the iron, hidden in the boiler cupboard.

+ TED videos are really good. I love learning. How did I forget about this amazing resource?

+ I made a washing line from string. So cute.

+ At our new library I found that there is a section on ‘War’ and ‘Vehicles’. There were three books lined up and waiting for my little military-machine-geek when he got home from work.

+ I have stolen his wireless keyboard from his bulky PC that he doesn’t use. (‘I must have a computer for the sole reason that one day I need to design our house! So I’m keeping it!’ The mammoth piece of tech made sense when he was doing a degree in Architectural Technology but not so much now. I put it in his old bedroom at his parents house hehe)

+ Boyfriend is getting so good at household chores. There is a lot of harmony in the house these days. I think it helps that the TV doesn’t work so I don’t have Jeremy Clarkson blaring on whilst I’m trying to read some heartfelt blogger birth story..

+ In many ways, I think ‘the little things’ are why I love reading blogs- discovering new websites full of hidden gems that just improve your day and even your life, sometimes. You’ll see some on Sunday!

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