Show and Tell

ooooops! sorry, here I am. 

Some Links

These people own the world

I’ve been using Oh Life this past week, and absolutely loving it. Can’t wait till I’ve built up enough entries to find out what my thoughts were a month ago, or even a year.

Finding some great words and thoughts on this blog; Janet Lansbury

Loving the calm, fun, and freedom on this blog; Ordinary Life Magic

late entry; this video is brilliant! 

The Holiday in Numbers

3 adorable nieces, 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 father, 1 mother, 1 boyfriend (for a week), 1 brother in law
1 storm
many hours in the pool
6 books brought, 3 books read
1 manual driving lesson
60 laps of the pool personal best
1 early morning croissant run
1 early morning drop at the airport
1 night market plus dinner
1 fancy lunch
1 extremely detailed a3 sized rota, complete with beautiful food drawings
2 flavours of ice cream; salted caramel and cookie dough
4 cakes
multiple heated debates
1 undressing of the baby for the bath- my technique needs work..
5 wins at cards, a few losses
1 frog in the pool
2 no-parents-dinners (lamb curry and from scratch pizza)
4 croissants eaten, lots of bread
1 birthday boy; 4 handmade cards from his children, 1 present given between us. He’s a tricky man to buy for.
1 car boot sale

Some recent pictures;

a delicious lunch made by my sister

a delicious lunch made by my sister





One comment

  1. One lovely description with six gorgeous pictures! Your description made me long for a holiday. And a frog in the pool? I need to hear more about that!

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