Show and Tell

It feels like 2 seconds ago that I was last doing this. I am writing from my old family home in London. I’m staying for a couple of days as my sister has moved back in, and I am going to help her declutter and just be company. Boyfriend is getting the train down on Monday, and we fly to France on Tuesday. I’m going for two weeks, him for one. As I don’t have my chunky laptop, I can’t do my usual banner photo- so instead I will post many photos at the bottom of this post.

Things With Us

/ I made snickerdoodles, and he refused to believe that that was their real name. So good. So quickly demolished. One of the first sweet things he’s actually eaten, by choice. Perhaps because I followed the recipe completely and exactly, no substitutions. Apart from halving the entire thing and leaving out walnuts. Who ever heard of walnuts in snickerdoodles?!

/ On a related note, I came across this blog post. I do that too! In fact we did that this week with a bag of addictive but not tasty bacon flavoured crisps. Great new (to me) blog as well.

/ He began his flying lessons- and I went up with him. It was like being in the back of a very old style car that’s falling apart a little but in the sky. I wasn’t scared at all because I completely trust him. It was a shame that my headphones didn’t work- so I couldn’t hear Boyfriend and his teacher. Apparently he was swearing profusely.

/ We finished off 3 overdue letters- I, J and K. Finally!

/ I made a birthday card for my father. It was also my sister’s birthday but she knows how much she means to me, and a card wouldn’t mean much to her I think. Whilst my father has kept every card that I’ve put effort in to and it makes me so happy to see them in his study or on the mantlepiece.

/ I put postcards from my Penguin Collection on the study door, that still make me laugh just looking at them. I am so funny. Seriously. Because it’s my study so it’s my room, but I am saying that Boyfriend can come in too. Just in case you needed that explaining to you. See photos below.

/ I started the 52 project, inspired by The Stork and the Beanstalk- who takes photographs not of her children but of her husband. Week one went well- it was a photo of him stealing snickerdoodles. The photos are staying private for now, but probably not forever. I’m really looking forward to getting this week’s shot- lazing by the pool most likely!

/ The black out lining for our bedroom window arrived just in time before I left, so I put them up so that boyfriend could sleep in if he wants to while I’m still away.  I bought the lining on amazon, and the velcro squares from Tesco- cut into the tiniest pieces as the fabric isn’t heavy. I think it worked well but I haven’t slept with it yet!

/ I got him hooked on Rome on lovefilm. I realised that when I watched it when I was young- I got the main plot, and saw the sex and violence with eyes like saucers,  but I missed some of the finer points of comedy. So good to watch it again. Without my mother scolding my sister for letting me watch it :)

/ My trip to London was definitely not smooth. 20 minutes before I planned to leave my mother finally got back to me that yes, she had booked hold luggage for me. So I then went into a whirl of including things that were over 100ml, and stuffing extra clothes into a rucksack. Now that I’m in London (where the suitcases are), I can’t actually find any that are bigger than hand luggage size anyway. So I’ve repacked into a better case but still undecided whether we want the faff of hold luggage or not. Anyway- I then caught the bus in- so quick! So different from living in our remote village! But the train was delayed half an hour, and I was 40 minutes early anyway (as I said- ‘so quick!’). Other bad things happened but I have forgotten them because I am a relentlessly positive person, apart from when I’m being negative.

/ So excited to steal my sister’s baby for cuddles. I’ve been literally dreaming about it. And her other two slightly bigger babies- aged 5 and almost 3. I’m looking forward to inviting the 5 yo on a secret adventure :)

Some Links

I have so many this week! I’ll save some up for next time.

Etiquette map of the world c/o mama congo. I love stuff like this, but I feel it could be even better! I want more detail!

Have you read the lyrics to Blurred Lines? I had no idea. I used to love that song but now all I can hear is that rap section. No wonder there’s a fuss about it. Makes me squirm.

Americans using ‘British slang’ This amused me, as I constantly get asked if I’m American/Canadian(/Australian/French) and I think that is because of the high proportion of american words I use. Anyway, the article was right on- I never realised the differences quite so clearly. But they were wrong when they got to ‘tallyho’. No one says that. Apart from Americans trying to be British.


sooooo funny.

papercut birthday card

That’s a balloon in the corner. He likes to abbreviate sentences into letters as a puzzle.

view from a train


flying a cessna

coming in to land (not crashing!)

Phewf this has been a long one. Might not be posting much these next two weeks- we’ll see. I wish you hot sun,  good food and family time.


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