I, J, K

This is late, I know. Better late than never though. To find out what I’m talking about click here.

I is for Inadvertant Sightseeing. We went to Manchester (for boyfriend’s work). I’d been once before, on a university open day, many decisions ago but this time I saw a whole lot more of it! The highlight however, was the many great things we saw on the journey there and back.

credit to photographer

Snake Pass. This is a long windy road that goes over the moors and past a dam. The moors made me think of family holidays in Devon when I was younger.

credit to photographer

This farmer refused to sell his farm so they split the M62 motorway around him, built him an access tunnel and had to pay for his land since he wouldn’t be able to sell it! Yay for being stubborn, I suppose. I wonder if he got death threats. After looking this up apparently it’s not that at all but for ‘engineering reasons’. Hmmm.

We also passed the point where the M62 is the highest motorway in England, at 1221 metres or 375 feet above sea level.

J for Juicy Fruit Picking. I had been really looking forward to this for a while. I was worried we’d missed the season but it was just perfect. We picked raspberries and strawberries, both out in the open and under covers. Since it was late on a Sunday it was reasonably empty. In fact the highlight of this adventure wasn’t the berries but the farm shop which we explored 3 times. I resisted temptation to get all manner of shortbreads, biscuits and buns and just stuck with a sausage roll to share. But. It was so good that I went back in, got another sausage roll and a pork+apple pastry! So so delicious. It was called the Balloon Tree and I can’t recommend it enough. Next time I’ll be indulging my sweet tooth, and I want to try getting some blueberries.

balloon tree farm berry picking

strawberry lane

strawberry lane

K for Kennels. I would drive past it all the time on the way to the supermarket from our old house- until we moved just down the road from it! So, we decided to go. I’d never been to one before. We had to plan our story in advance- thinking about getting a dog for his parents was our decision. But when we got there we had to fill out an extensive form, which highlighted the fact that if you get a rescue dog you basically need someone to be home all day.. When we’d done that we headed to the back to see the dogs. They were behind glass windows which was strange. They were very cute but they looked sad, and there were surprisingly few of them. I wasn’t seized by an urge to take them all home.

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve planned L out already and it’s a little more adventurous. Outside my comfort zone for sure. We’re also thinking about M for September. Motorbiking?

It feels good to catch up.

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