“talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, and protect each other like brother and sister”

I just came across this quote. It struck a chord with me. This is what Boyfriend and I are like.

[It’s so funny that I call him Boyfriend on here because in real life, depending who I’m talking to, I call him my partner. Hardly ever boyfriend]

In many ways we’re a bunch of contradictions, as the quote implies. Sometimes (often) we can’t sleep at night because we’re laughing too much and being dumb. Sometimes we have so many boring things to decide and we take a moment to think of all our carefree friends who would have no idea that BT are a bunch of devil spawn.. I don’t know about protect each other, because I don’t think I’ve ever had to. I’ve wanted to go ruin a few shops when he was at his previous job with people being small minded and mean. (I don’t know how I protect my siblings either. I’d stand up for them, if someone is slagging them off if that’s what it means!)

But anyway, it struck a chord. He is the best (and the only).

It also made me think about how people view me- my old friends from school think that I’m very ‘grown up’ because I pay council tax etc, and I definitely have moved on from that stage but I also feel like I have most in common with children- the intensity of emotions, and the rapid change between each one.  It’s strange to read blog posts entitled ’20 things I wish I knew when I was 20′ and they’re all about doing dumb stuff- I AM twenty. I don’t want to do dumb stuff, but not because I’m afraid to but just because I don’t want to. Am I not a good enough young person?! It’s also strange that in my previous job many people thought the kids were mine (I’d have been 13 when I go pregnant..). But on the other hand when I was discussing potentially not going to University as boyfriend was considering a job in London (this was a while ago) and they asked why I wouldn’t go to which I said ‘because he is more important to me’- and that freaked them out. No doubt because they had a teenage daughter. We met a few 28 year old Phd students the other day who were hanging out in bikinis and talking about being young and carefree- and it felt very strange. To meet people who are both older than you and younger than you at the same time.

It’s another of those ‘who am I?’ questions. No doubt to be all switched up again when I start University, and people don’t know whether I am a school-leaver or a mature student. I’m neither, and both.

But overall, I’m very happy being me. Smile.

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  1. This is something I have been struggling with too! I’m mostly worried that being a responsible, freshly legal 21 yo will be perceived as boring or uptight. Or that I may even regret not being a little more crazy once I’ve moved into the years that it isn’t socially acceptable to do that anymore. You do have wisdom beyond any 20 yo I’ve ever met though. I have to admit that I thought that might just be the difference in culture though? (American) Anyway, I finally just realized I was making myself unhappy by putting pressure on myself to be that wild child. It’s just not me and I’m finally okay with that.

    I love your blog! I found you through a comment you left on another blog…possibly nat the fat rat? or bluebird vintage. One of the two.

    1. “Boyfriend, look: someone thinks I’m wise!” :D thank you, and thank you for commenting! I am definitely of the opinion that you have to just accept yourself whatever mood you’re in or stage you’re at. But that I will frequently be faced with alternative lives I could have lived! Probably bleubird- what a sweet family

  2. My boyfriend/partner and I have been having these labeling discussions lately. “Boyfriend” is a demotion for him, but “Partner” still feels weird. I guess when we fill out our domestic partnership forms (mm, free gym membership at campus), then Partner will be the actually appropriate term, ahahahahahahaha

    I am, however, a 28 year old PhD student ;)

    1. Oh no! I need to re-read to see who I’m potentially being rude to. As ever, with any personal views I suppose! I’ve called him my husband before, that was weird.

      The fact that they were PhD students wasn’t really relevant actually.. I’m also glad that you could point out the right letter formation, I was stuck in a rut of ‘pHd no thats acid/bases, maybe phD? I just don’t know!’

      Also- how did you get here? I get so curious

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