Wondering About Wandering

Our plans to live in Canada are still on track, albeit not advancing significantly. This is partly because it’ll probably come in useful for me to finish my degree (that I’m starting in September)- not to mention that I want to finish it too. This means we’re staying here for 3 more years, minimum. The money to get this venture started will come either partly from my parents if they sell their house but also from boyfriend’s grandma- who may want to sell her house here in return for moving with us out there.  I think the plan is to get the building started fairly soon! Boyfriend and I are hoping take a trip out this winter.

Two things have been playing on my mind in the last month or so.

Firstly, the reaction of my sisters to the news that we’ve bought the land. They were, I was surprised to find, very interested in knowing more about the piece we’d purchased, and the area. The eldest sister also told me that if I go they will never see us, as they won’t be able to visit. I’m not sure why she thinks that, as she lived in China for a while and we saw them fairly regularly. But she said it, and it made me sad.  I don’t want my children not to know her and their cousins- she is such a fountain of goodness. Both my sisters treated it as if I am leaving them, and not interested in them- or that’s how it felt anyway. I don’t want them to think that! That doesn’t even get started on how my parents would feel- but that I can handle more easily.

The other niggling feeling I have is the location/features of the land that we bought. One of the original ideas as to get a large piece of land, build our houses then begin developing and building houses for other people. We’d be sort of choosing our own neighbours. With this current piece, it can only really have 2 houses built on it (due to regulations, not size), and it’s also fairly secluded- though a very short drive in to the great local town. I want my children to be able to roam free with other kids, on the land. We only plan on having two- and two children isn’t exactly a pack of kids! Especially with a large-ish age gap. If we are doing this unschooling route, it makes it very important to, as a family,  find many different friends for them to see and be around- as they won’t have school as a ready-made centre for that. It worries me a little. I want kids dropping round for dinner, and knowing there is safety in numbers- if someone gets hurt there are lots of other kids to go get help. It isn’t quite what I pictured

We’ll see- who knows what life will bring!

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