As of last Thursday, I am officially a lady of leisure. I do not work.

So, to started this off with a bang, and on Friday I went into Leeds city centre to shop. Let me preface this with saying that I haven’t been shopping for ages, I had a specific list that I stuck to, and I only bought things that I loved, that were on the list.

The day started well, I found my crown-shaped ring. I missed that thing. It was gone for about 2 weeks, after I wore it almost every day for a year. But it’s back now, on my little finger. 

It was my first time taking the bus in, and I give this experience a 9/10 for ease and speed. Will do again. Obviously, as I’ll have to if we sell my car!

I hit Primark first where I tried on many many items. I went to the fitting rooms twice. I came out with new gorgeous jeans, a top, and striped bikini bottoms. All a size down from normal woo hoo! I also got another pair of the boots Boyfriend loves, and some hair clip bows.

Then H+M whose sale was not as extensive as they implied. I returned with a long-sleeve top I’ve been craving since the beginning of winter. It reminds me of Bella in Twilight 1- who is, naturally, a style icon.

No lovely swim trunks for him, no plain black bikini top for me. (Have subsequently found one in Asda- triangle but not flimsy, with non-detachable pads (I hate the ones that fold over while you’re swimming!) but not push up, plain black but pretty, For £2.50!)

Then, I hit M+S bra department. I tried on 8 different bras (two multipacks in two different sizes each). and I tried them on multiple times. I went courageously larger in the cup and smaller in the back, as I had suspected this was actually my true size. I was right about that, however I appear to be stuck between back sizes. I also found that the two bras in the multi-packs – one would be perfect and one too big or too small. Nightmare. I left with nothing. I will think about it, and perhaps return.

I also had a fresh orange juice and a kid-size burrito.  It was a good day. If a little frivolous.

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