I was reading a book recently, in which one of the characters was saying that by the time she left school in the 70s, it had been made sure that she had learned certain ‘feminine’ skills.

Here are the ones that I can do;

  • sew on a button (just about)
  • bake a cake/anything (My mum would bake to destress I think. Banana cake, applesauce cake, marble cake)
  •  knit (my grandmother taught me as she was getting arthritis, and she wanted to pass it on)
  • arrange flowers (My dad is really keen on doing this. I just fluff them around until I like them)

But ‘woman’ things that I can’t do;

  • darn a sock
  • crochet
  • lay a table with all the cutlery and glasses
  • balance a book on my head?
  • take in a dress

This has led me to consider other ‘gender’ things, in my life;

  • My male employer recently told me, with a serious passion, that I am terrible at cutting bread. He went on to say that his wife is just as bad, and ‘you may as well use your hands!’ My dad also has problems with the way all of his three daughters cut bread. Is this.. a thing? Is this bread sexism, a coincidence, or a little known truth?
  • I also sometimes have problems parking- as in planning out which way to move the wheel to make it go in correctly. Not so much anymore, but it was very hard at the beginning. Is this a scientific thing- my brain is not good at spatial awareness?  Or just something that I happen to sometimes find difficult when in new places, regardless of my gender?
  • Boyfriend is really bad at listening whilst he watches something, or reads something. I don’t have this problem Therefore you could say- he can’t multitask. A man thing, or a coincidence? To be fair, I recently read that this may be true in the home but it’s not true in their working lives- which I agree with.

But there are some things that go against gender, in my life;

  • I’m the one that catches the spiders!

Let me state, that I am firmly of the opinion that anyone can do anything, until proved otherwise. Gender regardless.

I recently came across this article, which says some of the same things but in a far superior way. Please go read; femininism and the new domesticity.


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