Show and Tell

This is two children climbing onto the roof of my car... I know

This is two children climbing onto the roof of my car… I know

Things With Us

We had a house warming party with lots of boyfriend’s friends round. Lots of beer. Fun times. Lucky we have a bottle bank downstairs, eh? Note; I do not condone drinking excessive alcohol. In fact, I don’t drink beer and we didn’t have anything else so I had apple juice! 

I went on a rescue mission to bring a jerry can of petrol to boyfriend’s dad- whose fuel gage wasn’t working properly so he ran out of petrol. I went to the Disaster Petrol Station– and got petrol splashed/sprayed all over my face and hands. Naaaiice.

I made Anzac cookies. Delicious!

This sun is just amazing. Makes me fall in love with our flat just that little bit more; nice double doors to open up for a breeze, swaying trees, sunny grass.

Things have been.. well, not hard- I’m very lucky, but not easy at work lately.

Boyfriend got through to the first round for a new job- a concentration test, which we completed, erm I mean he completed by himself with no help. I like his current job but this one is a bit better paid, and possibly more exciting. We find out the result any time from tomorrow.

I’ve been really enjoying the White Queen drama series. I have been watching but not so much enjoying Luther.

Boyfriend wants to buy a new car, a mini specifically. He’s owned two already and I thought he’d grown out of it, but apparently not! I am tempted by the low insurance costs, the low road tax and the easy to fix nature. Not so practical for the weekly shop though huh! Plus, what the hell would I do without reversing parking sensors…

My parents came up to stay near us for the weekend. It was really great to explore Leeds a little more on foot- we found lots of places we’d like to return to! For the puddings, mainly.. Roundhay park was really lovely, as was Mansion House cafe- next time I want to get pancakes then a dessert, hehe.

They met Boyfriend’s parents for the first time, which we think went well. They definitely got to know him a bit better as well- which is good!

We’re behind on the alphabet project by 2 letters. It’s bad, very bad.

Some Links

A dog doing some amazing tricks – a video

Four Monkeys -a children’s clothes shop with a slight difference, pick which of the 4 monkey styles you’d like to look at, then which age group. Simple but nice.

Kissing it Better – read, and submit practical ideas on how to improve someone’s stay in hospital/carehome- some really great ones on there!

H+M Homeware – I didn’t know they did homeware but there some good stuff!

Have a great week. This is probably my last week with the kids! (Though they haven’t confirmed I’m not doing 3 days the following week..)


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