Some Things


Sports Day!


Because, why not?


Taster Rugby session- one of them didn’t like it, but I certainly liked sitting there

I’m just splurging some thoughts out, as I may not have a great chance this weekend.

My rice cooker is working out great for me. Just had a delicious meal of sushi rice with rice vinegar and soya sauce- with steamed asparagus (in the cooker!) and some chopped up avocado. Deeeeelicous. It’s satisfying these cravings I have to make healthy delicious simple interesting food.

I’m off work- I only did a couple of hours this morning. It’s nice to have a break- as my parents are coming this weekend so I won’t get to relax really then (hence this post). Also it means I can make some phone calls that need to happen during working hours. And make rice. Woop!

On a sad note- this morning, over breakfast, we found that one of the fish had leaped from the tank and died during the night. We gave him a funeral (in the toilet). Poor thing.

Enjoy this; I was initially uncomfortable (terrorists, comedy= anti-islam sentiment I thought wrongly) but give it a watch- it’s very funny. Thank you to my boyfriend for showing me it.

David Cameron really can’t think of ‘anybody more deserving of a knighthood’ than Murray? Reeeeally? Let me give you just one suggestion, out of millions; Camila Batmanghelidjh founder of Kids Co perhaps? 

Totally on a Ted talk kick at the moment. Funny and thoughtful, about vulnerability. What if insulin-resistance causes diabetes, not the other way round? and 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do 

I hadn’t ever heard of studio schools– but turns out they are a) in the UK  b) there are lots of them. They sound interesting, but not as amazing revolutionary idea as Brightworks school. How I wish I could be a part of that!

Have a great day, and remember that you are good and important.


  1. it was! But I just made anzac biscuits (golden syrup, oats, flour, sugar…) so all the bonus points from my healthy lunch are now out the window. but I don’t care cos these are sooo chewy and golden and sweet! :)

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