While we were moving, and for a couple of days afterwards I realised I was craving decadence, and luxury (perhaps understandably!)

I’m not one to be unhappy with our fantastically lucky lives but.. I just wanted to be taken care of.

Quiet. White beaches. Folded white towels. Swimming in a huge pool, alone. Trillions of choices at every meal.

The Paradis Hotel, Mauritius

Strawberries on a platter with champagne, served by men with white gloves (this actually happened one time, at the races). Scones. Plush green grass, with white tables and floral crockery. Sir, Madam.

Swinton Park Hotel, Yorkshire

I think it was to do with discovering our new place didn’t have a dishwasher- I don’t really believe things can be clean if they’re not heated to boiling temperature in a nice shiny machine. But it’s actually working out ok- and it means you never run out of cutlery, because you wash up after each meal. It also means I don’t hate washing up anymore, which is strange, but I used to leave things in the sink for days and hated finally turning my hand to them when I was forced to.

It was also because I had a shower on the second night (not the first- as there were fish in tubs in the bath), and discovered that some the grouting was almost black with dirty mouldyness. It made me feel like I was in some awful hostel bathroom, trying to get the shower over as quickly as possible. I’ve since discovered the solution- only showering with my glasses off. I should also just give it a big scrub- Boyfriend believes it will all come out in the wash, so to speak.

It also might be because I went in to M+S on the way home one day.. They have great advertising.

But the feeling has faded now. Thanks to a delicious indulgent strawberry non-alcoholic-daiquri drink, my boyfriend and unpacking all the boxes in the house.  And we are going on a holiday in the not so distant future; to France in August with my family but that won’t really be … relaxing. Ha.

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