Show and Tell Addendum

Two items from the weekend that Boyfriend would like added

1) We went to a pet shop, to get some more food for the fish (those damn fish!). He had been before and wanted to show me all the animals they had. Birds, kittens, further fluffy things, lizards. We saw a tarantula too, bleugh. I was clicking my tongue at one of the biggest birds near the till, and it was getting a little agitated so we started moving away- and it started literally screaming at us and scrabbling at the bars! So scary- we ran.

2) Although I’d done the weekly shop that day (at Aldi), I needed some other things from a larger store (Asda/Tesco) to make any of the meals I’d planned on. He didn’t want to decide what to have for dinner before we went to his parents so we left it. It was Sunday though, so sure enough the shops shut- and we had nothing to have for dinner. So we decided to try some grilled chicken takeaway place. We order, they say it’ll be 5 minutes- brilliant. I then realise we have no cash; run to the nearest ATM, but it’s closed as it’s in the supermarket foyer. Haven’t got my mobile, run home. We ring the takeaway to say we need a few more minutes. Google frantically, drive to petrol station ATM. I ring the takeaway to say we have cash- send us our food, as we wait for the guy ahead to finish. Machine swallows my bank card then turns itself off. Drive to next nearest petrol station- no cash machine. Drive to some corner shop midway between the two- get money. Home. Eat chicken. It was nice but probably not worth the extended havoc…



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