The Saga

moving house

We moved over the course of 5 days. The day before the start was stressful- the fear of the unknown, realising as we packed how much stuff we had. The first 2 days were ok- though carrying things down 2 flights of stairs and up one the other end isn’t that fun, especially when you can only start at 7pm, after work- leads to bickering. But that could have been worse. As the final move-day got closer; tensions got higher, and communications between us began to disintegrate. I was frustrated because I had allocated tasks to boyfriend, which were not completed (cleaning the inside of the van, buying materials for moving the fish, changing the lightbulbs). But that was due to being very busy at work. As usual- on a normal week, wouldn’t have been a problem at all. Anyway, here’s a roundup;

Things That Went Wrong

  • We missed our exit on one journey (we had a satnav though, and it was barely any extra time thank god)
  • We snapped the leg off the dining room table, dragging it on the carpet.
  • We didn’t have a screwdriver to dissemble the bed, so his dad had to bring some tools to do it
  • We ran out of time for cleaning, and so his mum had to come round as well with supplies and rolled up sleeves (thank you!)

The fish tank was one of the biggest nightmares;

  • The rocks from the tank, in with some water, were put in a polystyrene box that turned out to not be water tight so leaked all over the kitchen
  • The heater for the water was left on, even when there was no water in the tank- so it fried.
  • That meant that the fish, at the new house, had to be put in a hot bath overnight until a new heater could be purchased. With tops ups, during the night- zzz

We got to bed at about 1am- and I had to be up at 7am for work. I was a bit out of it that day!

Things are back to normal with us, apart from a minor hiccup with the bathroom grouting being really dirty- but all the other rooms are so lovely and we’re settling in- getting to know the local area!



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