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Show and Tell 7z


It has been bu-sy around here, in our lives. The week started off badly, in terms of mental health- due to an all night job from boyfriend’s work- that I went along on to keep him awake. It meant we were both very tired for a long time- as we hadn’t had a chance to catch up from the missed nights sleep…

Because we moved house. See here for expansion on the saga that that was.  It’s very quiet, very convenient for shops and roads, and a great flat. Still organising things into their new Places but it’s good. Things are good, I like it.

We discovered a fantastic Indian restaurant that does takeaway too, on our moving in night.

Yesterday was ridiculously busy. We went to The Range for a over-door-hanging-mirror (how cool?), a lampshade, coat hangers+ trouser hangers. Then down the road a little further to Ikea for a chopping board, and bath mats.

We had lunch, then we went to an airfield- and boyfriend flew a plane (!) that was he was potentially going to buy a share in- but has decided against it for the time being, but instead he is going to join that airfield’s club and fly their planes. Sorry *aircraft.

I’ve been working full days with the eldest child- it’s been ok so far this week, not amazing, but the next 3 weeks are going to be tough. I want to let him amuse himself (which he’s good at) but I’m supposed to force him to do piano practice, help me with chores around the house (a new responsibility for this job) and do maths worksheets. I find it hard to really strike up a connection with him, so consequently he is very resistant to any suggestions or instructions from me. It makes for a hard day, but the money is fantastic. Only 11 days with him alone to go- due to various parental days off, and events at the younger two’s school. It doesn’t sound so bad when you put it like that.

I bought a rice cooker. I’ve asked my fantastic sister for recipe when she visited last weekend, she couldn’t believe I didn’t have one.

Her visit was great- we had Japanese dinner near the train station and were then picked up by Boyfriend the chauffeur. Then the next day, after a nice walk by the woods, she cooked an amazing lunch of flatbreads with mozzarella and grilled courgette ribbons. Thanks for coming up!

Some Links

Design for Mankind; The Style of Self. A fantastic thoughtful blog, and such an interesting article about fashion and dress sense, and uniqueness.

American School Literature Syllabus Changes I don’t know how I feel about this. They’re reducing the emphasis on fiction, and more towards non-fiction; articles etc. I had a good time in English lessons, when we would just discuss what we had read, and were introduced to authors we wouldn’t try on our own. But I think it’s also a great idea to practice evaluating non-fiction pieces, for truth and bias. So who knows.

50 Word Stories and Facebook submissions Brilliant idea, and great stories too!


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