Things Have Been.

A Bit Crazy.

We began the move on Sunday afternoon. We picked up the keys and moved some things in. So exciting. I was so stressed before hand, just imagining how many things we have, and how it’s just us and a van and a car and it all has to go. But it’s actually pretty easy- we move a bit each day. We have to be done by Thursday. I had copies of the door keys made this afternoon- Boyfriend doesn’t get a post-key though, I am Post Master General (copies are expensive!)

We were originally going to be collecting a desk on last Sunday morning from 2 hours away that I bought on ebay but then we decided not to because boyfriend got a call from work asking him to drive to Heathrow for 7pm (3.5 hours one way) then to Glasgow. That’s in Scotland. That’s 0ver 3.5 + 3.5 + 4 + 4 hours roundtrip. He picked me up once he’d driven to London and back, at about 10.30pm. We got home at 7am. I slept from 9 till 10pm and 7.15 till 8.15am as I had work at 9. The lazybum slept till 1pm. Oh wait, he’d been driving for about 16 hours- and that’s still only 6 hours sleep! We stopped 3 times for 15 minute naps on the way home. We fell asleep contorted, against and tangled.

I’ve never been to Scotland before. It was amazing how the sun appeared to rise before it had really finished setting. Scotland was beautiful- so wild looking. The houses we saw were made of some amazing stone.

I’m really enjoying our current flat half empty, which has spurred me on to reduce clutter in the new place. This will be a lot easier as 1) it’s bigger! 2)more built in storage 3)I’m going to store things much more presentably 4)we could even put up more storage if we wanted, since we have a good relationship with our landlord.

This evening I’ve been tackling our clothes. I emptied our sock draw and pushed it back in- but it wouldn’t close properly. I reached behind to see what was blocking it- to find somebody else’s tights. And knickers. And a single bra strap. So so strange. Boyfriend? Are you a crossdresser?



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