Lacerations, Epistaxis and Ecchymosis

(meaning cuts, nose bleeds and bruises)

Do you ever take photos of your injuries? I hadn’t really realised that I do this. Until I caught myself trying to take a photo of the back of my thigh where I’d walked into the open dishwasher door.. Seriously it’s a good bruise! Small but purple-black. I’ve also taken photos of nosebleeds. And cuts. But why do I need the photos? I just delete them after a while. I guess it’s because I just love medical things. And it’s good to appreciate your usually painfree existence. Perhaps it’s because I’m a serial documenter.

The photo in this post doesn’t count because I only took that so that she could see the cut. I don’t normally document other people’s injuries, that’s just weird. (Yeah Butternut? What’s the difference exactly?)

It reminds me of a blog I saw once where two women took pictures every time they cried. I don’t do that, but I do cry easily. It’s just me, that’s how I release my emotions for some reason. It makes me feel lots better, and is over very quickly. Better than moping around all day. I’d say once or twice a fortnight. I cried yesterday. I don’t really have anything to be sad about though so this is a Tear-Drought Time in my life. Thanks to my lovely boyfriend.

Anyway I couldn’t find that blog but I found this instead; Reasons My Son is Crying. My favourite is probably:  (my son is crying because) ‘I touched his foot with my foot’. Go look, please. It’s mean (to photograph crying children) but it is still funny. Children are crazy. But so are adults.

By the way, there’s an upcoming collaboration with on Sunday! 

Oh and just appreciate that I didn’t add any photos of injuries to this post. I did think about it. I just couldn’t find any good ones. 


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