Show and Tell

Cleaning Supplies re-packaged

my dishwasher tabs, fabric softener, and washing machine sachets

Things with us;

Our clown fish are fighting. (They might be called Tang and Rina, or Clementine and Tangerine. It depends) It’s hard to watch actually! One has been hiding in the corner for 24 hours, and if he tries to escape he’s shoved back into the corner with some swift nips/darting actions. Brutal! Google says they’ll get over it soon enough.

We’ve been decluttering our flat, and sorting out the timeline of when we should take things over to the new place. As well as allocating who needs to inform various companies that we’re moving. We’re going to get the key next sunday and then move some when we can up until the following friday, then do a big clean up on the saturday and hand over the keys. Meaning, next time I do a Show and Tell- we’ll be fully moved!

We bought new desk off ebay for quarter of the price (the exact ikea model I wanted- just thought I’d search on ebay and bingo!) and 4 of the pull-out boxes that fit our storage unit and a lamp. My university desk space getting all ready. Still need to sand down my new chair, paint it, then sand the table to distress it to match. Yikes!

I found my crafting knife again! Wooop. I was really missing it.

Some Links; (good ones today! no crappy news stories)

Wantworthy. Totally brilliant. I’m a pinterest addict but this is just as good I’d say. You just get the icon ‘+WANT’ and then click it everytime you’re window shopping online.  It can sort by folders you make, by shop or by type. Use it for clothes, home items etc. Keep it private or share it with people who need a helpful birthday tip : )

FutureAndFound. And here’s some homeware to ‘+want’ on wantworthy. Love this stuff.

GoMighty Here’s another great idea- but the site needs some work. You write down your bucket list, or just things you want to do in your life and add them each as ‘goals’. You add pictures but they need to make that easier to do. You can then attach ‘stories’ to completed goals, and read other peoples. Really lovely.


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