May I See Your Papers?


I’ve realised recently how much I love to document things. I think this is where my OCD lies. (I believe everyone has a little bit of OCD in them, just like there’s a bit of dyslexia, a bit of ADHD).

I thought I’d make a list of my lists (#meta!)

  • the first time I’ve done something, starting from 2005. From first kiss through to first house move. 
  • the birthday and Christmas presents I’ve received for the past 2 years. It makes me grateful.
  • I scrapbooked each time I saw boyfriend up until we moved in together. We lived about 2 hours apart by train but saw each other about 3 days a week. It had present receipts, cinema tickets, notes and train tickets. I still stick things in if something big happens, or just day to day notes between us.
  • In that same book I kept a record of how many miles we’d travelled to see each other. We’d hit 10,000 miles by month 6. Then I stopped counting.
  • On here, I document what we’ve been up to once a fortnight.
  • I take a sticker each time I donate blood, and stick it in.
  • I write down each time I finish a book since January 1st this year, and give it a star rating.

That’s 4 different note/sketch books.

But that’s only physical copies. On Evernote is a whole ‘nother story (check my grammar here)

  • A bucket list for myself, and one for boyfriend and I as a couple.
  • Things to do or get for our upcoming house move
  • Multiple lists for our wedding
  • Design features for our one day home (that’s not the mention the huge board on Pinterest)
  • Items for our first baby. Did you know that 8% of women on the contraceptive pill get pregnant in a year? Eek!
  • The meals we eat so I can refer to it when I’m planning our shopping list.
  • The products I could buy on Suma
  • Ideas for unschooling our kids

Do you keep track of things like this? On a scale of 1 to 10 how weird is this kind of documentation!?

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