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sunbathing while reading



  • We’ve given notice on our flat, and we’re moving at the end of June. 25 days. So much to do! Things to clean, declutter, pack up, chuck out, and buy. Exciting.
  • My sister had her 3rd baby girl on Tuesday (3 days after her due date- such patience- she’s an amazing woman). I was there, right the way through. It’s not my story to tell but she is so strong, and it was magical. Little Juno is so sweet, and funny looking like all newborns are. I can’t wait to see her for 2 weeks this August when I go to France. I cut the cord, and I was honoured to be there, and to a be a tiny bit helpful with tidying up and fetching etc.
  • I’ve lost my voice! So careless of me..
  • I made a loaf of bread today! It was delicious but I think I need to let it rise a bit longer, it was quite compact.
  • I’ve been thinking about food storage and preparation. I want to freeze more things, have meals cut up and ready to go but frozen. I want to use the microwave more effectively- I’ve discovered that I love steaming vegetables in there, using a handy tool we got for Christmas. Mmmm asparagus. This food topic leads me right in to my links for the fortnight. 

Suma; a wholesale company but ethically minded. Lots of lactofree, healthy, fairtrade, unusual, and tasty. Canned, bagged, or frozen. From loo roll to ice cream to fruit juice. I’ve applied for a catalogue and I think I’ll be placing an order once we’re in our new place! Trouble is, it’s £100 minimum spend if you collect from their warehouse, which we’ll be doing- but more if you want a delivery!  But I made a list of all the things we could get from there- and it’s definitely enough. Cuts down on quite a lot of things on the weekly shop.

Identical twin photo close ups; so mesmerising, to flick your eyes from one to the other. Just the kind of thing you’re not allowed to do to twins in person..

Writing in the sand. Apart from this time, it’s visible from space.  AbuDhabi crazy.

Actually, let me be generous and give you the whole link. Cos that’s not even the best one..

Have a nice day!



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