The Incident

Last night, Boyfriend got called out on a job. (He picks things up, and delivers them to other people- and gets paid). We had dinner, then I went with him. It’s nice to spend time together, to pick over random things we need to discuss. Last night’s chat was mainly focused on our upcoming house move (!) and our hatred of our phone/internet company.

After we’d dropped off the templates to the bread packaging manufacturing company, he said he needed to pee. (This is the theme for this post. You can leave now, if you like). He eventually found a dark street that he was happy with. He then got into the back of the van, taking his Yazoo bottle with him.

‘ This is really difficult’

(are you done yet?) ‘..I’m not finished’

(stop taking so long) ‘Look, I’m crouching here, kneeling, balancing myself over the top of a yazoo bottle, in the dark, because I can’t have the doors open to activate the light in case someone comes round the corner- it’s difficult!’

(why didn’t you just pee into the long grass next to us?) ‘If I had my time again, believe me, I would do that’

He gets back in to the driver’s seat;

‘I’m never doing that again’

‘I’ve got to get rid of that random cardboard box in the back….. (quietly) I got a tiny bit of pee on it’

At 11pm at night, this was enough to tip me into crazy giggles.


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