So, we need to move out of our flat. We need to be closer to where my university is, and we’d like to pay less rent.

Last Sunday boyfriend found a flat in the area we were planning to look, and we both liked it. I called them up on Tuesday. The landlord called me back. We arranged to meet on Wednesday evening, after work. Boyfriend was called out on a job so I went by myself. I was scared. Scared of the responsibility of it being my decision! I could tell the landlord would like to give the flat to me (as I’m doing nursing, reminded him of his sister etc) but he mentioned that there was someone else interested (‘aha! competition’) but whoever got their deposit in first would get it (‘so it’s a race!’). I told boyfriend. He said just to call back and get it for ourselves. Problem is- the other person could move in next week, whilst we need to give 30 days notice. He wanted to give it to us, but he’d lose a months rent. So- he said we could spread the extra month over 6 months, and move in at the end of June as we’d planned. We were annoyed, and considered not getting it, but I’d liked the place (pressure on me!), and if we stay there for 3 years as we plan to, then what’s one month extra! It’s still less than we’re paying now. I gave notice to our landlord yesterday, put the deposit in today, and we’re signing the contract tomorrow.

It got me thinking though, that in times of change, like now, I need my lists. I’ve just started using and it’s great. Boyfriend uses it too, and sometimes in the morning I steal his phone and assign him tasks in the app version. Anyway, it’s been great at making this move seem more manageable. The ‘moving house’ project folder on there has only…. 37 to do’s, at the moment. The main problem is this pesky broadband provider- our contract doesn’t expire for 3 months, and it costs more to leave than to stay and pay each month, but if they move our services over to a new house they’ll hook us in for another 12 month contract. I’ve sorted it now though. They reduced it just enough in order for it to be £50 better for us to stay. We’ll be leaving in 12 months time though no doubt. Puts even more pressure on the fact we don’t want to, can’t really, move again.

I still hate that boyfriend hasn’t seen the flat yet, but he’ll see it tomorrow and no doubt will tell me that he likes it too and everything is ok. I think the reason I’m getting worried about it is because actually, I don’t want to leave this beautiful countryside village and I’m nervous about going to university! But I do like the new flat. I think. I like the big windows, and the peaceful grass gardens on both sides and huge trees. I like the kitchen, it has an island. Well.. more like a peninsula. I like that it still has 2 bedrooms, so I can have a desk in the spare room for working. I like that the rent is considerably less, and the utilities, and the council tax, and it’s a great location for me and still good for him.  It’s on a quiet leafy lane, off a big road- so it’s easy to get to. Easy to direct a taxi to when I’m all sleepy and tipsy after having a fun night with my new friends (crossfingers). I don’t like the bathroom, as we’ve been spoilt with 2 in our current place. But it’ll be fine. Great even! Everything is fine.

(It’s strange to look back at moving house last year, we didn’t really know what we were doing! Here’s a post I wrote then)


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