This weekend I confirmed my university choice. I had 5 invitations to interview, and I went to 3 of those. I was lucky enough to then get 3 places. I picked this one because it’s the best location for boyfriend’s job- meaning less time away and more money coming in. Let’s call them X, Y and Z. The two with suitable locations were X and Y. But I got a really good vibe off X and Z. The placements for Y were much too spread out- and I’m not great at driving to new places (a strange personality trait that I find hard to accept, but it is true). Boyfriend went to uni at Z, so I felt like that would be taking a step back, in terms of our life progression, and it was in a bad location for his job. So my choice is X.

Anyway, I really happy about it! I really want to get started though- do some reading before, or learning some things. All the sites say ‘Just relax! You’ll wish you did once you’re stuck into the course and really busy’. But I’ve not just left school, my life is very relaxing and I have the time and energy to get ahead! I might just learn some values for observations, so I’ll be able to do those basic tasks. But not much else I can do- I’m hoping to get some guidance in the letter they’re sending me this week.

You may be wondering how this fits with all the unschooling thoughts I have- and you’d be right, it doesn’t quite sit to agree to 3 more years of traditional formal education. But then again it does, because I’m following exactly where my interests lie; children, anatomy and caring. Let’s hope it’s main focus is always that, and it’s not too bogged down with essays, grades, and mindless educational establishment politics.

I want a degree, because in this crazy world it might come in handy for unenlightened people to assign me some kind of intellectual worth. And child nursing is the only one I can really stomach doing. Because I’m interested in it.

If we head over to Canada as we plan to, once I’ve finished at uni, then I doubt I’ll be practising as a nurse much over there- mainly because I can’t. In an ideal world, I’d do one shift a week somewhere local. But the UK is crazy enough to have split their degrees for nurses into four; mental health, learning disability, adult and child. So it isn’t really valid in most countries. We’ll see how it works out. If we do end up staying in the UK, which I sincerely hope we don’t, then I will probably need a full or part-time job- and nursing I think would be a good fit for me.

It’s so strange to imagine what I would have thought of this route my life has taken if you’d told me about it 3 years ago. I don’t know anyone from my school who is; at that university, doing that course or living with their partner. So it’s hard to imagine what the friends I had at school think of these decisions. I’m just in a completely different place in my life; let’s hope there are people like me on my course in September who I can befriend and be supported by. crossfingers.

It feels like I can finally get started- because once I’ve started this degree I’m allowed to crack on with my life. Marriage, children, just life.

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