Show and Tell

blood donation
Things with us this past fortnight;
  • So.. we’ve bought 12 acres of land in Canada. !? More on this soon.
  • While boyfriend was away I ate sooo many vegetables. To the point where we just had chinese takeaway and my pure body was so not accustomed to the grease and I’ve got a headache and feel sick. Poor body.
  • I went through all the recipe books too and picked out many more experiments, 15 to be precise. Some for me, some for us. He has an extremely limited palate but I’m doing my best :D
  • I donated blood. That’s a bag of it in the picture above. You should do the same. 
  • I chose which of the 3 universities I want to go to. I mean I’d chosen a while ago, but I actually pressed the relevant accept and decline buttons. Post on this tomorrow.
  • I got an email address for the blog; send me message/ask me a question at
Some Links
  • Microaggressions; a really interesting collection of times when you would let a strange comment slip, if it wasn’t for the fact you get it every day. It all adds up. And it’s interesting to see someone else’s opinion and struggles. (Basically, everything Jeremy Clarkson would say. Boyfriend is watching Top Gear right now. Bleugh.)
  • The Vintage Wall. Great vintage pieces arranged really interestingly- and for sale! (For extortionate prices)
  • First Editions, Second Thoughts Authors going back to their first editions and editing them in the margins. They’re being auctioned to raise money. The J K Rowling one particularly caught my eye, as a keen Harry Potter fan


    1. I know! Totally different location though. New Brunswick. Don’t tell me it’s for old people, or losers. We will handle it. My boyfriend and his dad absolutely loved the town- it’s in between 3 big cities and about 45 minutes from each. So.. we’ll see. It may just be for building some houses and selling them off, or it might be for living on- we don’t know yet until we look further into immigration stuff, and his mum and I have a look at the location!

      1. Oh thats awesome! I have only ever travelled through New Brunswick to get to Halifax… I New Brunswick, a lot like Mantioba, is just “there”.. we dont really know too much about them, or hear much about them either. It was really nice when I went through it though!

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