All The Mothers I Have Known

In many parts of the world today is Mother’s Day. This got me thinking about the mothers I’ve known in my life.

My mother; She always lets me know that she loves me, and would help me to put things in perspective when I was a scared teenager by asking ‘remember; what’s the worst that could happen?’. She wants to share everything she’s learnt in her life and she wants the best for her children (after she’s processed our latest different life choice!)

My boyfriend’s mother (who reads this I think- hi!); Always kind, supportive, and truly helpful, she really thinks before she speaks  and so is always a pleasure to spend time with. And she makes me laugh so much.

My eldest sister; Endlessly patient, and loving to her children. Actually, to everybody! As my other sister said ‘everyone needs one of her in their life’. I wish I could spend more time with her. (Her 3rd little girl is due in a week or so!)

My first best friend’s mother (aged 2-8); All my memories of her are images. She would always kiss me goodnight, like I was one of her family. She would bite her lip. She upgraded my seat to first class on an airplane. She was always honest when replying to our strange questions. I met her more recently on a course (working with children using creativity) and it was the strangest thing to see her upset by one of the visualisation exercises, it was that pubescent moment when you realise all adults have emotions but in one punch and years later. I know things have changed in her life, and I hope she’s in a better place now.

My boss; I am so glad she gave three children a better start in life, and that she let me get to know them. I’m very grateful that she hired me even though I had no full time experience and no qualifications. She’s very generous.

Thank you to all of these people for playing a part in my life.

My thoughts are with anybody trying to become a parent, and those who have lost their mother or their child. 


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