Show and Tell

Show and Tell


Things with us this past fortnight;
  • We went to an antique fair by mistake, and paid £4 for the privilege . The carboot sale we were trying to get to was the other side of the racecourse car park. We paid £1 to get in. We bought nothing in either fair.
  • We popped down to London to drop off a package (#CourierWifeLife), a mere 8 hour journey- as we included a stop at our favourite kebab shop. The photo above was where we dropped off the package in east London- that huge warship was clearly having a party, and we were just in time to see them turning on their pretty lights.
  • Boyfriend bought a new van that I swear is brown but it’s apparently dark grey. It’s not the first time I’ve been mistaken on colours, very strange. It’s definitely brown. It’s lovely; spacious and quiet. Like being in a bubble.
  • We found a new path for our riverside walks. We noticed that the local church has a Monk alarm system.. Ha!
  • It was boyfriend’s birthday.
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