England’s green and pleasant land

on the river wharfe

out on a walk before work

Since we will be moving this summer I wanted to collect some things I’ve noticed. I’ve only lived in two places for any amount of time; central west London and this little Yorkshire village. I go back to London probably once every two months, and each time I notice something.

  • In London, people park really close together. I always make sure to park at the end of a bay or next to a a driveway so I don’t get trapped in. Not so easy in London. 
  • There isn’t much scaffolding here. On my road in London there was at least 2 properties being developed or changed, at all times. With all the noise that comes with.
  • Their speed bumps are closer together too. Here, you can just go between them. In fact, in one village near us they have the white paint markings of speed bumps but they’re not raised. So that works once, for people who are new to the village. Or for people who have a bad memory.
  • The air always smells great to me. I love taking the bins out after I’ve made dinner because the sky is the most amazing blue, the air is fresh (apart from the rubbish I’m holding) and there are stars.
  • Here you don’t see many people who are obviously from a different country, and you practically never hear different languages spoken in the street. I always loved that.
  • It’s rare to see beautifully sharply dressed people here. But it means I’m in with a chance of being the best dressed every now and again!
  • You can’t get sushi here. I have an avocado maki craving.

I’ll be sad to leave. I love that my drive to work is beautiful, through fields and rolling countryside. You see birds and cows and sheep and horses. It’s green. The sunlight, when it comes, is uninterrupted by buildings. I never knew how much I loved this stuff until it’s about to be taken away from me, as we’re moving back into a big city. Fingers crossed we get time to get back out to the countryside. And double fingers crossed our dreams of emigration come true. But then I’ll miss London and Yorkshire, no doubt.

notting hill

on my walk to school in London



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