Birthday Boy(friend)

So he turned 24!

When we woke up I made him stay in bed. I arranged his presents in the living room, and stuck up secret post-it notes in strange places around the house to remind him that it was his birthday etc. For the card I adapted this photo. Oh and one of those presents is a certain polar bear :).

presents secret note

Last year for his birthday I gave him this message in a tiny bottle. I said if he couldn’t get the message out he could open it on his next birthday. I thought it was would need to be smashed but it wouldn’t break even when we tried using an iron. So I got some tweezers, which he hadn’t thought of, and we got the message out. message in a bottle P1010167

Then, I made his requested cake; lemon drizzle. I used the hummingbird recipe and it was delicious. If I do say so myself.

P1010168We also booked some flights to Canada for boyfriend and his dad! They’re going to look at some land to perhaps buy– it’s very exciting. They’re off in under 2 weeks. We also went out for dinner to a delicious indian place with his parents. I think he enjoyed his day. The sun even shone for a little bit.


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