Show and Tell

Show and Tell 3

  • New hospital pajamas!  How has it taken this long? I’ve never worn them, apart from to be operated on. When I went to A+E, I’ve always taken my own pajamas :). I remember when I was 12 or so and I was wearing a vest top with an inbuilt bra because I hadn’t got my first real one yet. I was so embarrassed of the doctors and nurses seeing my body that I didn’t take it off under my gown and my mum said ‘You can’t wear that, take it off, it has metal in!’ She didn’t know.
  • Your Life in 2033 written by Google’s executive chairman, an extract from his book. I love things like that- so exciting. He also did an interview.
Things with us this fortnight..
  • Boyfriend’s new job is going well, he just started for real today. His other business is also going well, I think he’s loving working in a team with likeminded people. Fingers crossed it’s a big hit.
  • I’ve become homeschool obsessed. It’s scary thought, the responsibility! More on that this week.  Made me realise we have to be kind of near some libraries, or museums or things that put on workshops and talks etc. More pressure to pick the right part of Canada to move to.
  • 33 days till my sister’s due date, so excited. Though did you know that apparently only 5% of births are on their due date? I think I’ll calculate one week on, and pretend that’s the day. Or boyfriend said he’d find out and not tell me when it is. So I don’t get frustrated when it passes :D. I was 10 days early!
  • We did H this week. Sadly (for me) it wasn’t H for Hotel. If you don’t know what I’m on about- have a look.  Will be up this week some time!
  • I’ve locked myself out of my email account. Which is fun. I have to call the hotline to get back in, but I’m just nervous they’ll tell me I can’t as I’m not the account holder (I set the address up when I was 10 or so). So I haven’t done it yet, and I’m reading my emails on my tablet.
  • Boyfriend’s been ill this week. Post-stressful-work-man-flu? We both want it to be over.

Hope you have a great day.

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