Show and Tell

Show and Tell 2

So we’ve been very busy- hence being 4 days late with this post. I’m back to normal starting tomorrow.
  •  I’ve been working full days during the holidays. It’s been TV, fights, bike rides, and cuddles. Last day tomorrow.
  • Boyfriend left his job (ethical differences) but is starting a really exciting new business venture. More on this soon- am so proud of the website he’s done, I just want to show it off! But it’s not ready yet.
  • I threw his shoe out window, and we’re on the second floor. Not in anger, just to see what he’d do. He covered me in water.
  • My sister has just over a month to go until her third daughter will be born. I’m the third girl too. I’m so so excited to meet the little one, and cover her in kisses.
  • We went down to London last weekend (hence no Sunday post)- the car journey bores me now, done it so many times but it was the last time in the lovely company car. Bye bye RZF. London was fine- saw all my family members which was lovely. They are all quite troubled.
  • Today a couple moved in downstairs. I gave them my mobile number. Later they came up to ask with help with their boiler so my friendly approach worked :)
  • I’ve received all my offers from Uni, so I have under 1.5 months to decide where I’ll go. Where we’re moving to! I don’t want to move.

Some Links

  • Heath Ceramics Amazing kitchenware. Is that a word? Kitchenware. Things that go in the kitchen, or the dining room for that matter. They’re just.. so amazing. If you have things like that in your home, how can it not be amazing and beautiful. It’s something to work for.

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