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The kids love when I do something unexpected. And yes, I’m aware they should be eating vegetables but I don’t decide the menu.

This was an interesting thought. I mean, it’s unlikely they’ll get into power, and even more unlikely they’d be able to implement it but imagine the outcry! I think it’s one of those ideas that sounds fairly reasonable in principle- the long term unemployed should spend their money on food and saving up, not on things that will make them sick.. But you can’t tell people what to spend their money on! They’d just work out a way to swap the cards for real money, and it’d create a strange black market. I don’t know how to fix the problem.

hah! ouch. 7cm long! That’s as long as my index finger!

  • The Baby Bomb, the first episode of a documentary about young new parents.

It made me realise that, just like every other mental health condition, post-natal depression has a lot of stigma attached to it still. It also made me think; I can do it better than that! :) But we’ll keep on waiting- and it’s easy to judge when you’re not doing it yourself!

Fell in love with the stories on this blog, about connecting with your child, and helping them to release pent up emotions and feelings through listening, staying, playing, and limit setting. Love this approach.

  • England has a new emergency number for medical issues; 111. For when it’s less urgent than 999! 
  • It snowed a lot (by English standards). WHEN WILL IT END? I think it’s the lack of sun I mind more than the snow. Relentlessly grey, every day.
  • Last Sunday in London I beat everybody in my family at bowling , by a lot. Who knew I was so awesome! (Me)
  • Boyfriend’s had a really tough week at work so send vibes of support, and I’m about to start full days over the Easter holidays- eek!
  • I blogged about Waiting for the Future and Women

Just made this banana loaf cake;

banana bread


Anyone else want to show and tell about their week?

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